What is going on with Eufy Security?

Over the last few weeks I have noticed that Eufy Security seems to really be going downhill…

Take a look at some of these post with users complaining:

Ok I could go on for a long time with user complaints. You get the point.

My question is what’s going on here? Is Eufy helping out these customers who are asking for it? Why are so many issues beginning to arise? Why is Eufy still coming out with new products when their current ones aren’t working properly?

Is Eufy starting to forget about their customers? Does Eufy Security still want to keep their customers happy? Is Eufy beginning to only care about the money? As long as they have an income they don’t need to worry?

I’m not here to say whether Eufy Security is falling apart or not.

I’m not here to tell you whether to buy into Eufy Security or not.

I’m simply wondering why so many users are continuing to ask for help, request new features, and yet Eufy Security seems to do nothing but announce new products?

Eufy Security is probably still a great company. It just seems that lately users are having lots of issues and I’m not seeing much out of Eufy.

It appears that they are beginning to fall about and I’m concerned about the future of Eufy Security.

They will never go out of business because they can get any money they need from Anker. But I’m not sure the future looks super great for them.

I’m curious as to what others have to say about this. Please post your comments below.




The picture above says it all…