Homebase offline?

What’s up with my homebase 2? Last night it kept going offline and coming back on. There was no reason it should’ve gone off because I had WiFi and Internet. The red light kept coming on and I wasn’t able to view my footage. After a while it came back on. This happened 2-3 times.

This is not good at all!!

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could it be that it was updating? check logs under the Messages > System >

Had the same issue for the last 2 days, no updates or logs recorded, must be the server issues again:(

Not an update… hopefully not server issues. I’m not sure what’s going on

I’m guessing it’s backend issue because I too faced some down time while trying to access cams, videos however no red light on HB 2.

This lasted for about good 10+ hours. What’s strange is that I was constantly getting notification alerts but unable to access anything.

What is up with this homebase! It’s always going red and then going back to blue within a short period of time throughout the day. The app shows its offline during that time too! Now it’s been offline and shows red for quite a bit of time. What going on?!

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@Haadsecure it’s more than frustrating…

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Well… I pushed the sync button on the back of the homebase 2 and that seemed to work. Who knew? It’s working for now…

Yep mine goes offline reasonably regularly (maybe even daily at least, for short to longer periods) then usually comes back online itself. Not my internet connection, so dont know whats going on… (well, other than its at the Eufy end of things…).


Yup. I just pressed the button quick and it quickly turned from red to blue

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Good to know!

Think I’ve got this handled!



Yep I’m right now watching mine turn from red to blue, to red again… then blue for a little bit… then red for a long while… etc you get the picture. WTF?

Out of interest, anyone tried getting official support on this and provided eufy with their HB serial no etc to investigate?

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No I haven’t contacted Eufy. I get it to work by quickly pushing the sync button.

Doesn’t work for me… My cameras have been out due to the offline Homebase for days now.

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I’m in Australia. Had a update few days ago Now homebase goes from red to nothing but cameras are still detecting motion etc. Onone of cameras, picilates for few seconds and goes away and then it will decide to go 9ffline and come back on. Obviously some sort of glitch in update because everything fine before. Have done the usual to no avail, even spoke to Eufy support and they basically told me to hard reset, check internet, go from Ethernet to wifi and back etc which already have done and disconnect and remove and add devices. Will be doing that today.

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My home base went offline days ago and has not come back on. I’m 1200 miles away too… This stinks