I'm Done Here! Returning!

I’m going to use my get out of jail free card. I had written an email wanting my money back on wired doorbell, 3-cam2 and Homebase 2. I am 2 months into this ride. I got a return shipping label from them. Just this weekend I emailed them back and said I would wait until the next update to see how things are going. Well that happened this morning. Base firmware and app update. Looks like homekit was more important than shit that’s been messed up since before I got here. Nothing that was an issue on my list was fixed.

Wired Doorbell
Activity zone does not work correctly. It picks up motion out of the zone.

Activity zone (red) cannot be enlarged horizontally.

Facial recognition is fond of tires, a column on my porch and area that has plants. The column and plants are not within the activity zone.

Motion detection is hit and miss. I realize it could be the light, but it misses people at the door.

Cam 2 / Homebase 2
Activity zone does not prevent detection out of the zone. Note:. This may have been corrected by the last firmware update and I relocated the camera.

When first loading a stream and exiting a stream from the cam 2 the picture is blown out. It settles in after about 1-2 seconds. It does not happen all the time.

One cam out of 3 only shows Year for timestamp. Happened during 6-16 homebase update.

Homebase needs soft reset a few times a week.

Security App
Shared user (set as admin) does not show the number of new videos. The snooze and gear are visible, but not the square for new video count.

So I’m packing this crap up and sending it back. Good luck to everyone stuck with it. If your new think very hard about your return window.


Good luck on your quest for a quality product. Come back and let me know what you end up with if you have the chance. :wink:

Yeah. I’ll try. My head is confused while looking. Im starting to think the technology just needs time.

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@jmiller148 What are your plans at this point? What products are you going to try next from which manufacturer. I’m in the same boat.

The very short period of time that I have been trying to help this community. I’ve been let down after let down by @Mengdi @eufy_official.

The customer service seems to lack any level of empathy or clear understanding of there products. There one minute survey is a one question, for high customer service ratings. Not actually how it fixed or didn’t fix there products.

When you state facts on these community threads your cut down by the community. Despite sharing information given by the companies reps. Just my two cents.

I’m on the edge of doing the same. I am invested $300 dollars in. At this point. eufy battery doorbell and Eufy 2 Pro with a Homebase 2. It’s a cool concept but so many issues with the software engineering that just needs to be addressed or attention given to really make this a robust competitor in a field of many brands.


I’ve been looking and asking around. I think we may be trying Nest. We will probably start with the doorbell and see how it goes. I told the wife I don’t mind running wires but that’s NOT going to happen until the fall. I’m in SE Texas and it’s friggin HOT.

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@jmiller148 I completely understand. Southern NV here and it’s friggin hot. The only gripe I have with nest is the damn pricing. An monthly fees to record but Costco has a deal with 6 months free. An a decent return policy.

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I don’t care for it either. We had discussed it and I’m the one that picked Eufy. Now I’m hanging my head and letting her try and pick something. :slight_smile:

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Yeah I’ve been looking at a lot of different types of YouTube videos to see what people think after a year. The eufy concept is cool, but you already know the rest.

I’m trying to hold out for these updates.


@Haadsecure I am with you on the Costco thing. Anker is starting to get there feet in the door. But shall see what happens.

I’ve decided to not be anywhere the level of active as I have been. Because when I did or had. People want to argue with me.

I’m not getting any return on my investment of time, knowledge or expertise. But I’m around if you need to reach out.


I might be monitoring here. If they start fixing stuff I might end up owning it again. :slight_smile:

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@jmiller148 just watch bestbuy deals. Snagged a bundle for $325 with tax for a Eufy Door Bell Battery Powered, 2 Pro Cam and Homebase 2.

I have a nest thermostats and on the fence with the nest Hello. But in all the reviews I’ve seen it is either number 1 or 2 to the eufy doorbell. Even the consumer reports has the eufy recomended but the Nest is numero Uno.

Well here if you need anything or got questions.

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Love my Nest thermostat too. I think that might be another reason. Qualified programmers (engineers).


Sorry to hear that man.

I’m a tad patient with Eufy since the products are new. Some of the issues you’ve experienced could be addressed in a future software / firmware update.

I’d say stick around for a bit longer unless you’re in a critical stage were this issues are causing too much risk.

I’ve only recently moved to Eufy from Ring (doorbell and cams).

Doorbell image quality isn’t comparable and no subscription. Oh I can have no infrared at night.
Cam2c no subscription.

I would like to. It’s just a feeling that they are not really progressing in fixing things. The whiteout issue for one. It happened right after a firmware update. One would think they could easily reverse that. It’s still not fixed. Priorities seem to be with the new products. Like I said… I might be back.


Just to insure I don’t want these things… After this update it seems to take about 1 minute or so to get notifications. I had restarted the base this morning. LOL


I’m jealous of you jmiller148. I waited till I couldn’t return my system.


@Eufy476 if you could do it all over again which competitor would you go to?

I honestly don’t know. I told someone at work today I may be buying and returning until something makes me happy. EUFY was close I just don’t have confidence. I really think we will do Nest doorbell unless I find something else soon. If the doorbell works well we might try the cams. I’ve been digging and reading. I’ll let you guys know what we go with.

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I have not found a competitor I would go to yet. The concept is great but so far it’s looking like these wireless cams are not close to perfect yet If you are looking for a security system you would have confidence in but life would be less stressful if you at least had a honest company. Who would be straight up with you with a response. If I was told straight up in the advertisement when I was buying some of the limitations of the equipment I might still would have brought but I was thinking I was getting a system just as reliable as a wired outdoor security system .


Definatley. At least I would have known what I was buying. Don’t tell me it does it when it doesn’t and keep advertising such!

I just dropped it off at USPS. Let’s see how the return goes.