Unlock the Power of eufy | 4G Starlight Camera Installation Guide

Installing the 4G Starlight Camera

  1. The recommended installation height is 2m~3m.

  1. The installation angle of the device will affect its detection range. The recommended downward tilt angle is 15°(Please control the angle within 10°~30°)Increasing the downward tilt angle will reduce the detection distance.

Note: 4G Starlight Camera is not suitable for upward elevation installation.

Note: The recommended downward tilt angles at different installation heights are as follows

  1. Installation Tips:
  • Pay attention to the direction of the device.
  • Install the camera correctly with the lens on top and the PIR lens on the bottom.
  • Keep the PIR lens horizontal
  • Tear off the protective film on the surface of the PIR lens

  1. For accurate motion detection, it is recommended to maintain an angle of more than 45° between the facing direction of the camera and the pedestrian walkway in the monitoring area.

  1. When installing, avoid the following scenarios:
  • Avoid glass barriers

  • Avoid facing the sun, it is easy to cause a false trigger when the sun is directly shining

  • Avoid facing the tree close by, it is easy to cause a false trigger when the tree is shaking.

  • Avoid installing it on air vents such as air conditioners, as hot wind waves can easily cause a false trigger.

Setting the Detection Sensitivity

  1. Open the device APP, enter Setting > Motion Detection > Motion Test Mode
  2. Walk left and right in front of the device
  3. Check whether the detection distance is appropriate through the device indicator light.
  4. You can adjust the detection distance by changing the sensitivity gear.

Setting the Activity Zone

  1. Activity Zone avoids objects or areas that are not expected to cause a detection, such as trees, windmills, lights, roads with heavy traffic, etc.
  2. Activity Zone should cover the target detection area as much as possible, but the above-mentioned parts that are easy to be detected by mistake should be eliminated.
  3. To set the activity zone, please refer to this article: Unlock the power of eufy camera activity zones

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Only been installed an hour and already gone offline. Not impressed. Picture quality isn’t that great either

I’ve had mine for two weeks and no issues


That sounds great!!

Can you share your experience with more 4G Camera users

eufy team

Urgently awaiting cloud storage and proper thumbnails in the events section of the app. Without cloud pretty useless. Cameras workings ok so far, motion detection misses sometimes.

Pm mpm :laughing: i :rofl:

mine are mint. Had them for 3 weeks now. Only issue can be when your trying to load the live view up once something has been detected. It can just become a little bit too much for the camera when it’s trying to record, alarms going off, lights flashing and your trying to live stream.