Can't access playback entries on eufy security app

I have 4 eufy cameras

  • Eufy Solo Outdoor Cam - 1

  • Eufy Solo Indoor Cam - 3

Recently, i can’t see any of the playback of all the cameras. notice this after the firmware upgrade.

However, i can still see the events but i can’t access all the playback for all the days.

BTW already reported this to eufy support

Although i can still receive event alert via motion detection, but the motion detection video playback can’t access them.

Have you tried updating the app on your phone?

Known bug purposely from Eufy since app update.

you need ti submit logs and feedback through app.

also, give comment rating in ios or Android app store

yep, all were updated to latest versions, including iOS

Done and Done

ball is in their hands

Just called support and the agent stated that it’s not with this recent update but in the next update (4.5.5) it will be back. There just isn’t a time frame on when yet.

Purposely? Why would they do that!

Eufy can answer your question.

here is the link …number 5 post

I meant seriously! Bloomin autocorrect

Just noticed I have the same problem across 5 indoor 2k cameras. Don’t they have any QA people to test a release?

I am also very disappointed with the playback feature removed. I have over 10 cameras and pay annual subscription to store in cloud and that yellow marker feature was very useful to decide what timeline to look at. I will move to Nest if this feature is not brought back soon.

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Just spoke with a representative & he stated that some people have it but most are still experiencing this issue. They are currently working on it and plan to have an app update later this week.

PS; He did have me uninstall and reinstall the app cause that worked for some. It did not for me but something to try

I’ll keep y’all updated