Motion Detection not showing on playback

Since the new app update, motion section is not showing in the playback bar. It still has recorded clips in events.

What’s the fix for this? Perhaps another app update to revive this feature. Thanks


I’m not sure what you’re saying?
Can you post a screenshot of it?

As you can see no motion detection shows on the playback and I know for a fact there has been via the events log of motion and human detection.

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Hi, same problem since the last update (v4.5.4_1561 on Android).

I hope they will fix it quickly !

I also lost the Daily Security Report since the last update…

From Eufy

“We apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced. After confirmation with the app team, the issue you are encountering is due to the temporary closure of this events mark feature. We have temporarily disabled the feature due to business adjustments. However, we will be re-opening the feature once the adjustments have been completed. Hope you can give us some time.”

Disappointing that a main feature is compromised in their software. It should always be working


I see, on the Google Play Store there are a few reviews there about the most recent update has broken video playback too.

Not sure if this is the same issue but I noticed some of my indoor cam stopped recording. I have 6 indoor cam. All are recording on local storage. I noticed 3 of them stopped recording very early this morning (around 01:00 on 1/13). After further researched, the 3 that stopped recording was just upgraded to The 3 that are still working has not been updated and they are still at Therefore, I believe this issue is the firmware

Can someone please confirm?

I just did the update and all is back to normal.

Just got this from Eufy on this issue. I use this feature every day on three cameras, it’s a big deal for me not to have it…

“We sincerely apologized for the inconvenience caused by the Eufy Security App of the latest version. Sorry that this feature is cacellced now.”

Cancelled ?
They are nothing but scammers at the moment.

I use this feature everyday too. This is not okay to cancel this feature. It needs to be reinstated.

Eufy needs to listen to its customers when developing products. Bring an update out and bring it back. Most modern cameras have this feature. I’m very disappointed in this

Anyone direct from Eufy know the timeline where this feature gets back on the app?

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yep mines broken, can’t see any playback on all cameras

What is Eufy temporary business adjustment?

What does this mean? Why is Eufy shut it down to do what?

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Some clarity here would be good.

Is this feature temporarily disabled or has it been removed completely?

If it’s coming back, what is the estimated time?

Given the events are still being logged, I’m confused as to what “business adjustment” this could be related to (or is it a downsizing and this is actually a bug that you no longer have the right person employed to fix?)

Answers please!!

Who at Eufy said this? Support person?

I’m guessing we will see lots of this sort of thing as they attempt to convert all their existing gear and software to work with the new HB3.

Yes a support person.

No timeline at all.

Very let down by this

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What kind of rubbish is that? Why is there a temporary closure of events mark feature? That’s why i have the camera in the first place, that it can record 24/7 and show when motions were detected.
When will this be fixed?