Can't access playback entries on eufy security app

I purchased one to test at home works great EXCEPT for PLAYBACK not working when I hear something outside. It shows the recording but will not play it back ! It has all updates ! hey Eufy UPDATE after months and still not working I will NOT BE PURCHASING anymore CHINESE CRAP !

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We have the latest update but no playback button still unfortunately. The help desk suggested this but I needed to download the Discord app and when I clicked the trial link it said I violated their rules so blocked me. I won’t recommend these again as my neighbours just had their bike stolen and the guy rode in our alert zone but the cameras didn’t create an event therefore once again there’s no footage for the police :frowning:
Thanks for getting back to us. This function needs to be applied to join the Cross-Camera Tracking free trial via Edge tab in the App->Join our free trail user group.

Please attach a screen shot of your screens showing playback

The orange markers are back.

The only problem since 2023 January is

Running circle if user wants to play SD card continuous contents.

If I switch to 2X speed then I the running circle stops.

It seems the video de oder Eufy use is not capable to decode the standard frames number vids.

April 2024 we lost all playback a couple of weeks ago. bought a new sd card and deleted /reinstalled the complete syatem still no playback. doorbell works and shows real time pic, but zero playback?

Feedback to Eufy through Apps Feedback

Take a video and upload to them.

Eufy has one Customer Service Kerp saying cpu not fast enough and not enough memory. It is a fail attempt not to find solution.

Send in feedback weekly until it is fixed