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Do you ever feel that you’re getting out-smarted by your smart home? Keep an eye out for more “Unlock the power of eufy” posts and gain the knowledge needed to be top of the smart-home class.

For today’s post, we will explore a few must-know tips for using your eufy Security Keypad. :video_game:

Your Keypad can act as the control center for all things security in your home. View it as your helpful assistant in operating your ecosystem and directly activating necessary security modes.

By using your Keypad properly you can enjoy:

  • :round_pushpin:One key control when arming and disarming the status of your cameras, motion sensors, and entry sensors.
  • :selfie: No need to pull out your phone! Switch modes with ease at the tap of a button when you leave or return home.
  • :family_man_woman_boy: Made for the whole family. Create individual passcodes so you know who is coming or going and set temporary ones for anyone who comes to visit.

Let’s take a look at some must-know tips that will turn you into a Keypad pro in no time!

Keypad Essentials :bulb:

Tips 1: Alarm delay (when returning home)

If you have activated a security mode that has a HomeBase alarm action, you can set a delay time before the alarm will sound. :bell:

The alarm delay feature leaves you enough time to enter your house and switch to your desired security mode via the Keypad.

:open_file_folder: Going to
Settings → Security mode settings → Alarm delay settings → Select the delay time → Select the device that needs to be delayed

Tips 2: Leaving delay (when leaving your home)

If you have activated a security mode that has a HomeBase alarm action and you have to pass by a triggered device before leaving your house, you can set a delay time.

The delay allows you to leave home without triggering any alarm. You should leave the house before the countdown ends. :alarm_clock:

:open_file_folder: Going to
Settings → Leaving delay settings → Select the delay time → Select the device that needs to be delayed

Tips 3: Custom security modes

Custom security modes allow you to optimize the settings and actions of all of your security devices to suit your needs.

You can set up to 3 custom modes that can be activated by pressing the CUS button on your Keypad. Set a custom mode such as “sleep mode” that disarms certain devices in a given room.

:open_file_folder: Going to
Settings → Custom → Select CUS mode

Tips 4: Assigning passwords to family members and visitors

Allow access to family members and guests by setting individual or temporary passcodes.
Keep track of activity and make security convenient for the entire household.

:open_file_folder: Going to
Keypad settings → Custom access code → Add Password → Enter the user name, passcode number, and validity period

Tips 5: Password-free arming

By enabling password-free arming you can instantly switch between security modes without the need to enter a passcode.

Enabling this setting allows for quick and easy use of your Keypad while leaving or from Low security mode :house: to High security mode :running_man:.

When password-free arming is active you can complete the following mode changes without a password:

  • From Home Mode to Away Mode
  • From CUS Mode to Away Mode
  • From Off Mode to Away / Home / CUS

:open_file_folder: Going to : Keypad Settings → Switch mode with access code off

:bulb:Be sure to use this information to make the most out of your eufy Security Keypad and ecosystem.

Power Unlocked! :unlock:

Do you ever feel that you’re getting out-smarted by your smart home? We know that the sheer level of features on our products can be a little overwhelming. So to make life easier, we want to share with you tips into how to best use your eufy devices. Keep an eye out for more “Unlock the power of eufy” posts and gain the knowledge needed to be top of the smart home class.

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If you encounter any problems during use or have any other questions, please contact our customer service team through the following channels:

1)eufy Security app → Help → Call us/Feedback.

2)Ask your questions here at the bottom of this post.

3)Send us an email: support@eufylife.com

We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you for your support.

eufy Security Team


I recently discovered my key pad is not accepting my codes

My keypad is not far 10meters from the homebase nevertheless i have lot of disconnexion (red flash light) why ?

I have not been happy with the product since i paid $500.00 plus it certainly has not paid for itselfit has miss 2 home invasions and 1 robbery!!

Does it work? If so it’s a battery low indicator. Try charging it. The app will show its full even when it’s low.

Hello & thank you for your answer & the follow-up
The battery is full. The light is flashing during 5…10 sec only after having keyed in the code + action (in/ou). I think it’s due to the communication with the base, isn’t ? however the keypad is not so far from the base.

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Easy to test that. Move it closer for a while. Also…. Did you try charging it? ( ignore the batt gauge in the app)

Is there a keypad alert on arrival home or is it just time based…

When are you going to bring out a new version where you can use a tag to arm and disarm the system? Seams like the keypad was created and just forgotten about


The delay doesn’t work in my system alarm. The countdown appears in the app but the cameras trigger the alarm during the delay time, and yes I’ve selected them and save before doing this test. I have a keypad that I can’t use


Hi, it seems that we have the same issue: countdown start but as soon as I pass in front of a delayed camera, system is triggered immediately! Hope this double feedback will highlight the problem to someone…


In my security I have set a schedule for the Homebase2. If I activate the alarm on the keypad with my pin code and go outside, the alarm is switched on, if I come back and switch off the alarm, the Homebase2 is put in the HOME position, but then does not appear in the schedule mode as is set. Is there a solution for this?

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It does not arm reliably.
After I enter the code and press away the count down beeps start, but stops a few seconds later. I can leave and find away mode has not set.
Setting via the app and disarming on the key pad works fine.

I have purchased eufy products especially for 500 euros, but the indoor pan and tilt do not work together with the key pad to set everything, while the cameras are connected to the hombase 3

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Welcome to Eufy. Stupid huh?

www.google.com is one of the best

I setup an automation that when a motion sensor detect a motion, all the outside camera will start to alarm. But when I set with the keypad the away mode and setup 30 second before activation of the alarm, this is valid only for the homebase alarm and not for the cameras. Same problem when I come back home, the delay is valid only for the homebase and the camera alarm is triggered every time and this is really annoying


The problem is that the delay work only for the Homebase alarm, but if you set an automation that also the alarm of a camera need to start when motion sensor is triggered, the delay don’t work. This make the keypad completely unuseful, I’m waiting a solution or I can send back.


:smiley: ,w :grinning:

+1. Same problem, please fix this!

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