Unlock the Power of eufy | How to Make Your Battery Doorbell Last Longer?

Do you ever feel that you’re getting out-smarted by your smart home? To make life easier, we want to share monthly tips with you that will help you make the most of your eufy devices. Keep an eye out for more “Unlock the power of eufy” posts and gain the knowledge needed to be top of the smart-home class. For this installment, we will take a closer look at our 2K Battery Video Doorbell.


We are here to guide you through what factors influence power consumption and how to best optimize battery life.

First, let’s take a look at the main factors that impact battery consumption:

  • Internet Signal - a steady connection will improve performance and battery consumption.
  • Position of Your Doorbell - if your doorbell has a street-facing view, frequent triggers are more likely.

  • Live Streaming - each time you use the live view to look or speak through your doorbell power consumption will be required.
  • Weather Conditions - at temperatures below 40°F, lithium batteries are less effective in maintaining a charge.

Please consider all the above factors if you are experiencing unusually high levels of battery consumption. Now, let’s dive into some helpful tips for how you can make your battery use more efficient and last longer:

Tip 1: Manage your activity.

We can easily find the total battery used since last charge and total detected events through Power Manager setting, and the average trigger time can be calculated by dividing them. Kindly Reminder:The Battery Used Days statistics will only show exact numbers when it comes to the second charge.As shown below:


We have listed some detailed suggestions on how to better avoid false trigger times, as the following shows:

Here are the settings for you to try if your doorbell under high activity levels :

App Settings Introduction

  • Adjust your power manager mode- by activating the “Optimal Battery Life” mode.
    To turn off the LED go to: “Settings” -> “Working Mode” -> choose “Optimal Battery Life”
  • Adjust your camera’s sensitivity setting - to exclude irrelevant motion events and to reduce the number of false alerts.
    To adjust the sensitivity level go to: “Settings”-> choose “Motion Detection”-> choose“Detection Sensitivity Level” -> reduce the level from “1-5”. Kind Reminder: The higher the level being set, the more sensitive the detection will be, even the motion of wind or grass may be detected.
  • Configure suitable Activity Zones - to exclude irrelevant motion events and to reduce the number of false alerts.

How to Make Your Battery Doorbell Last Longer1-minHow to Make Your Battery Doorbell Last Longer2-min

Physical Installation Suggestions:

  • Hardwire your Battery Doorbell- If you have existing wiring at your front door you can connect your Video Doorbell so that it has a constant flow of power.
  • Mount your doorbell on a side wall - so that it is not directly facing the street.
  • Add an extra motion sensor-to increase detection sensitivity. For how to use motion sensor, please kindly check the following link:

Hi, eufy fans, :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: We missed you! :laughing:Today, we’re back with another handy little trick that helps to make your life easier! We’ve recently been experimenting with different ways to get even more battery life out of our Video Doorbell range. We’ve come…

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  • Adjust the direction/angle - to reduce the number of unnecessary motion events (use the Mounting Wedge provided).

Tip 2: Ensure your doorbell has a strong internet connection.

Test the signal between HomeBase and your router:

The pictures below demonstrate scenarios in which poor signals may occur and how to resolve the problem using HomeBase Wi-Fi Connection.

1) Typical weak signal scenario

2) Scenario showing the incorrect position for HomeBase (weak signal between HomeBase and router)

3) Scenario showing the correct position for HomeBase (strong signal between HomeBase and router)

Follow the installation guidelines closely and ensure that you have identified the ideal locations for your HomeBase and Video Doorbell.

Tip 3: Act when alerted

Attention: If there is a “battery” icon showing on the device page, that means your batteries are depleting at a quicker rate than expected. You may not get the expected half-year battery life. If you receive that alert, please consider the tips highlighted above on how to optimize the battery.

Power Unlocked! :unlock:

Do you ever feel that you’re getting out-smarted by your smart home? We know that the sheer level of features on our products can be a little overwhelming. So to make life easier, we want to share with you tips into how to best use your eufy devices. Keep an eye out for more “Unlock the power of eufy” posts and gain the knowledge needed to be top of the smart home class.

So you are now a battery consumption expert!:wink:

Be sure to use this information to make the most out of your Video Doorbell and enjoy maximum battery efficiency while keeping the device environmentally friendly.

Where you can find us :smile:

If you encounter any problems during use or have any other questions, please contact our customer service team through the following channels:

1)eufy Security app → Help → Call us/Feedback.

2)Ask your questions here at the bottom of this post.

3)Send us an email: support@eufylife.com

We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you for your support.

eufy Security Team


my camera is not leaving no recording


Can someone recommend a suitable transformer to connect Euhy 2K HD to mains

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Here’s one I got recommended

24V 500MA Transformer, AC Power Supply Compatible with All Versions of Ring Doorbell and Nest Learning Thermostat Ecobee, Honeywell, C Wire Adapter with 8M (315") Long Cable https://amzn.eu/d/1zoOhPX

Im just testing a solar panel at the moment ( eufy panel ) I’ve just got to make a cable to it all fits together nicely.

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I connected my doorbell camera to our existing doorbell wiring and it works with our mechanical chime. The battery icon shows continuous charging yet the battery is still dropping charge. Overnight it went from 96% to 95% even though no events were detected. Is that to be expected?

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Batterij duur 4 november. Nog 66 procent :joy:

Can you turn if the alarm sound on the camera


My doorbell is 20 months old and battery does no longer reload? Can I replace battery and/or warranty?


Wenn diese unsäglich aufdringliche Werbung nicht wäre und wenn dieser Elektroschrott endlich funktionieren würde, wäre Anker mit seiner Türklingel nicht nur sehr teuer, sondern auch gut. Bis jetzt ist alles nur viel Müll! Nervig, aufdringlich und Null Service.

My camera has stopped recording or it only records some activity… what do I do?

Need Waterproof motion sensor

How to recharge battery

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Not so happy. My tower has not arrived. I paid for it Nov 1. Now my electrician is installing everything to the non AI unit. Very disappointed.

Same here has stopped charging after 20 months. Bought doorbell April 2021, a week ago it would not charge past 40%, now trying again but stuck at 5%,

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Is there a way I can I delete everything, instead of doing 1 day at a time on each device ?

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How do I length the time my video records


Can you use on more than 1 device at the same time? If on my phone, then iPad says no devices are added and vise versa if on my iPad.

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When I have connect the camera doorbell. Which icon must I see in the app? Continues a plug icon? Or is the doorbell charge and unload. Charge and unload. Etc.

I have existing door bell and I hard wire the eufy door bell already but still draining the rechargeable battery, what do I do?

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