Unlock the Power of eufy | Camera Working Mode (For eufyCam & eufyCam E)

Looking to capture more footage during events? Want to improve battery life? For this installment, we want to take a closer look into Camera Working Mode and how a simple change to this setting can significantly improve your user experience. Allow us to give you a little more detail into how this setting works.

What is Camera Working Mode and how does it affect my eufyCam / eufyCam E?

Camera Working Mode is designed to allow users to balance footage captured and battery life.

There are three Camera Working Mode settings to choose from. Each of them is suitable for different scenarios and requirements. They are as follows:

1)Optimal Battery Life - eufyCam’s default setting is Optimal Battery Life mode. This setting is designed to ensure that the camera’s battery will last an entire year if each day has less than 30 alerts. This mode aims to maximize the battery life of your camera but will reduce the amount recorded.

2)Optimal Surveillance - If you want to record more alerts while maintaining long battery life, Optimal Surveillance mode may be the choice for you. The recording length is increased to a maximum of 60 seconds, with a reduced interval period when a large number of alerts occur in a short period. In this mode, the system will prioritize records while remaining battery conscious.

3)Customize Recording - If you don’t want to miss an alert, Customize Recording mode will be your best option. You can manually set the recording file length and the detection interval. In this mode, the camera can constantly detect and record moving objects, but the battery will drain faster.

How do I choose which Camera Working Mode is right for me?

Below we have made suggestions as to which Camera Working Mode is suitable for different scenarios. The following settings are for reference only.

1)Optimal Battery Life
Areas in which frequent movement is likely, such as:

Front of house

Front door






(You are also advised to adjust the camera angle accordingly.)

2)Optimal Surveillance
Areas in which movement is likely to be relatively infrequent, such as:

Patio (or deck)


Back yard (or garden)


Garage (or driveway)


3)Customize Recording
Can be used in all of the above if you deem the setting right for you.

A reminder:

Further detail can be found on Camera Working Mode in the help section of the app. Help>About Camera Working Mode

All changes made to these Settings in the Eufy Security APP will be synchronized. Let others in the household know if you have changed the settings.

Power Unlocked! :unlock:

Do you ever feel that you’re getting out-smarted by your smart home? We know that the sheer level of features on our products can be a little overwhelming. So to make life easier, we want to share with you tips into how to best use your eufy devices. Keep an eye out for more “Unlock the power of eufy” posts and gain the knowledge needed to be top of the smart home class.

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If you encounter any problems during use or have any other questions, please contact our customer service team through the following channels:

1)eufy Security app → Help → Call us/Feedback.

2)Ask your questions here at the bottom of this post.

3)Send us an email: support@eufylife.com

We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you for your support.

eufy Security Team

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Why is the font so large to read these descriptions?

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Hi, eufyer, Could you give us some pictures or more detailed feedback?

Looking forward to your feedback

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When viewing the community page on my mini ipad, I cannot view but one paragraph at a time since your redesign. I have not changed any setting on my end.
When I go to view my cameras the picture drops down until I select to view a recorded clip or choose to live and the picture returns back to full screen.

Why do eufy cameras miss the begging of recordings? The time it takes for the camera to wake up and start recording it has missed what it’s meant to record…


Why does my eufy cam2 stop recording all motion events after dark??? It used to record them but lately it records up until about 4pm or when I activate the alarm mode then it no longer records any all motion events.


When I switched from Homebase 2 to Homebase 3 it stopped giving event recordings count on the eufy app. It was never like that on my old homebase 2. But if I click the play button I can view the recordings though. I did logout in my app and log back in already. I also removed the cameras and connected them back. This might be fixed in the next update hopefully! I

I hear the notifications, but I no longer see the events that occurred.

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The last update messed my cameras my sisters and mom’s. All 3 units won’t record anything now and I’ve been dealing with them for weeks and NOTHING is fixed. Terrible customer service. Won’t admit their update screwed everything up. 3 systems no recording. No good.

The update screwed all our families cameras up and they won’t record anything now. No help from customer service. Terrible

I’m unhappy with Eufy!
These updates are terrible :pensive: when I go to view my alerts , it takes me to a screen now saying decrypting? Which lingers for 11 seconds and I have it on the option to get alerts fast, and not to mention my camera pick up EVERY CAR PASSING BY! I live on a busy street but I’ve set the settings to zone to pick up certain areas and human motion only, to no avail I constantly get alerts about a car driving by every min!


Well it’s because around the world people suffer from poor eye sight. That is why a long time ago reading glasses were invented .
Just incase , you have never been exposed to the fact the as the human being is living longer there is a hight percentage of elderly people resulting deficiencies which they had in their youth .
May be consider other people with understanding than being so self centred .

Not happy at all with the system very spasmodic. The system has a mind of its own. I will go back to Arlo system soon :joy:

Hi my camera is not recording I can not see the events

My cameras don’t record correctly they miss many events day and night :frowning_face:


Www.Google.com huihjh

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My Homebase blue light is not on and when it is it just blinks several times and then goes back off. But I am receiving normal recordings of movement

Did you get a reply from Eufy for this issue? Same thing happens with ours, rendering it basically useless.

We live on a busy street and the camera records every car driving by at night, and every person walking past during the day. The alarm also goes off at unusual times, even when we are entering or leaving the house. Are there any settings we can apply to stop this issue?

I had a car accident directly at my front gate. The cameras did not pick up a thing. Even the police and the tow truck driver lifting it out of the drain. Did not pick up any of it. I do get to see every other car that drives past though. Just never when it matter. Like when we had late night visitors, they had to of walked past 3 cameras. Only the one at the back door registered them. That cameras lens is scratched up.

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