Temporarily App Down Resolved - Update in 16:15 EST. Jun. 15

Update 4: @16:15 EST. Jun. 15, Everything is OK right now, eufy backers please re-check your devices again.

Update 3: As some of you have seen by now, our servers are down again. We are working with our AWS servers to see what is going on. Your video events are recording as normal. The apps ability to connect to your eufy security products is what allows you to view videos both at home, and remotely when you are not in your home. We know apologies aren’t enough here, but please know we are working hard to figure this out and will update you as soon as we have more detail.

The estimated waiting time in call center right now is above 1 hour and currently the call back function is not available. You can call but must stay on the line. If you have issues – for now, please email us at support@eufylife.com.

Update 2:We’ve resolved the issue with Eufy Security app and they should now work as expected. If not, please contact our support team. We appreciate your patience.


Dear eufy Security Users:

Some of our Eufy Security customers are experiencing problems accessing their Eufy Security app and video events.

We’re aware of this issue and are working on it urgently.

Eufy Security system is still recording and still working in the background. Once this server issue has been fixed, you will be able to see all the video recorded while access to events has been down.

We know this is frustrating, but please know our teams are working hard to get everything back up and running, and we will update you in the next couple of hours with the latest information.

Update:the good news is we are now partly recovered, will keep everyone posted.

– Eufy Security Team


I do thank you for your reply but… This should have been posted hours ago!! It took way too long for an announcement from Eufy… Also, I have a HUGE security question for Eufy. Supposedly all of our footage is stored in our home base right. So why does a Eufy Server going down affect us being able to view our footage??? Is it not stored in the home base and actually stored in Eufy servers without our knowledge?? Why can’t we get our footage directly from the home base? What does footage on our home base have to do with a Eufy server going down?? Why does that affect our ability to view our footage? This is a very important Security question. I would love to hear your response Eufy.


Good to see you guys finally updating us…

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Hmmm. Certainly not fixed here on my system. Recordings not available or not playing properly anything before 07.30 or so this morning on any camera. Not much help contacting support when they’re not available all weekend. Absolute shambles.

I would like to know why we we’re not notified ahead of time that your we’re upgrading your server??


I didn’t notice there was a problem. Mine is all playing ok but I am also worried we cannot access recordings directly from the Homebase. This should be available both in and away from the home.

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@jls4wheeler makes a good point and has valid questions to which we deserve answers. Eufy would like me to buy more products and even recommend these products to other people, but I am not motivated to do that when support for these products is substandard. Don’t leave your customers in the dark or you’ll lose them.


Hey guys including myself we then to go easy on eufy because we brought these expensive paper weights and will be stuck with them but the fact is they are a terrible company. If you do a google search you will find the same problems since 2018 and still have not been fix. The first person we should of heard from about the server problem should of been the company itself not the last to say sorry. I like the ideal of their products but not the company. I am starting to check if there is a better company with similar products or I have to do the work and install regular cameras which are better probably anyway.

Same here doesn’t make any sense to have our footage that’s on physical hardware in our homes tethered to eufys servers.


While I do not work for Eufy, I can tell you that if you are NOT paying for the cloud storage, your footage is only stored locally (HomeBase, NAS, or SD card depending on your camera). However, the reason why you can’t access any of that when their servers go down is due to the fact that in order to access your homebase (and SD card), the connection is brokered through Eufy servers. The connection goes:

Your App --> Eufy Cloud --> Your HomeBase (or SD Card enabled Camera). Without the Eufy Cloud, you cannot get to your home base. Live footage is brokered through a different set of servers so it’s possible to have access to live footage with no access to the homebase and, vice versa.

In the case of this outage, what went down was the system that allows you to connect to your homebase or stored SS card storage and not the system that allows for you to view live footage. This is why your cameras were still recording just fine, but you couldn’t access them.

The reason they do this is for simplicity and convenience. If they did not broker the connection, then in order to access your homebase or camera (especially from remote), you would have to open ports in your firewall/router as well as know the IP address of your home/business in order to setup the app to connect. Doing it this way provides you with simplicity in connection but does add a layer of dependency on Eufy.

I would suggest that just as Eufy has the option in the system to do more advanced storage connections (such as NAS storage) that they offer the ability to directly connect to the cameras/homebase. This would at least give people, like myself, the ability to be completely cloud independent. Of course, this would also mean that they would need to come up with a third Homebase, one that supports the Wired Doorbell, the Indoor Cameras, and the Lock in addition to all of the Homebase 2 supported devices. I’d be willing to buy that.


Was up and working all day. Now I’m down again😖

Same, I’m getting intermittent connectivity tonight

Server issues again!!! I just want this system to work. I have received not one notification from my doorbell cam all dang day…hell it didn’t even recognize me as motion. What good is this and you have no one to speak to on the weekends. They are going to lose a lot of customers. So freaking frustrating!!


Yep, me too. Both 2k cam and battery doorbell are down again…just like last night. Ok Eufy, tell us the truth about what is happening.

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I’m still getting errors in the app here on Canada. I can view video but any settings I try to change gives me an error.


Mine started working but has gone back out again tonight, june 13th.

I’m down again on events. This is totally insane.

This BS two nights in
a row the server has gone down.Just lost me as s customer.Very unreliable.Time to move on .