Footage not stored on home base?

Ok, so I have a very important question for Eufy… Eufy supposedly had a server go down. That meant that users could not view their event footage supposedly stored on our home base. So… I’m confused. Our footage is supposed to be on our home base so why does it matter if a Eufy Security server goes down?? Why does that mean we can’t view footage on our “local” storage in our home base. I would really appreciate a reply from Eufy immediately! This is serious! Our footage is supposed to be in our home base. So why would a server going down effect that???


Not to defend their actions as this was super shady … but even thought those videos might be stored in your home station the app server might need to validate credentials to access the videos even locally. That might be why people were getting notified but couldn’t access videos as the application server was not replying with the authentication. This is me ex-peculating … if that is the case they’ll have to build some type of internal authentication process on the base station in case this were to happen again. Hoping this was indeed a maintenance ( not buying it ) and not a DDoS attack or data breach of course.


Agree, there should be an internal authentication already built inside of the software of the Homebase. The reliance on an external server is stupid and not at all what Eufy promised with there local storage


I believe the data is stored locally on your homebase but because the data is encrypted I think it still needs a server side authentication in order for you view the recording.

The problem her is this is likely all about Authentication and proxying the traffic to and from the camera/Home base . Just because it is stored locally and not in the Eufy cloud just means you don’t have to worry about constantly sending traffic to Eufy for them to store on their cloud. It doesn’t mean our client device will always know how to connect to the base station, or that they can ensure privacy to that camera or home base even if we are locally on the same network.

There are a few way to possibly work around it, but they aren’t withouth isue. The safes and most secure way would be to require authentication through their servers.

If you don’t want that dependency you may want to look at options that involve enabling the RTSP protocal on the camaers that support it. I have the new Eufy Indoor 2k camera and connected it to a VM on my home server running Motion Eye as a RTSP connected camera. There are ways to enable unauthenticated access with that method. The problem is it means anyone on my local lan can get access to the camera. so it isn’t secure. I am also using a MicroSD card so i can have the recordings locally on the camera to.

OK i did a bit more testing this morning. Atleast with the new Indoor 2k camera it works fine and records localing without internet. I would expect the Homebase to record and work as well. For my wifi tablet to be able to connect to the camera to initiate a stream it needs internet access, withou it i can’t initiate a stream, with that said though once the stream is established it works without internnet.

So this is really just about initiating the connection. It does stay on the local network though once it is connected. So atleasat on the local network there is nothing about proxying a connection.