No events being saved

Change of timezone and back to your actual location worked for me. Cameras and App running perfectly again here in Australia. :ok_hand:

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OMG great pickup…I tried it and yes all footage from yesterday appears. Change it back to AU and it disappears again. Timezone bug one suggests. Mork calling Eufy come in Eufy !!

No I have an android base phone and as I described in a previous post, I am having problems too.

This was exactly the fix I needed, thank you for posting. Now all my events are working properly and notifications.

How did you get it to work, I am on android and still am not able to see any events? Thank you

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Same here, Android tablet and phone. Tried time zone toggles, no go.

Follow the advice on the blog that tells you to fix or re-format your memory card. What the problem appeared to be was that whatever update EUFY put out stopped the homebase from overwriting the video’s so it appeared to be full to it and you weren’t getting any Events. After re-formatting everything worked again.

I had the same problem (last event recorded was 22/01/2023 and I solved it (worked for me, might not work for everyone).
In the app, click on homebase, then storage, there is an option to repair or Format SD card
Tried repair a few times (no luck) then tried format a few times (no luck). I then restarted the homebase from the app and tried the repair/format again (no luck) I then physically rebooted the homebase and the format of the SD card worked. Events started recording immediately.
Although my SD card was only 50% full (I think that was incorrect, prob 100% full) at the time I think maybe there was a bug in the last update that prevent saving or over writing (or something) but by formatting the SD card it’s all working now.

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I had an extra Micro SD card so I tried installing and formatting the new one. Everything working again as normal. Can’t see how all our SD cards went bad at the roughly the same time. I think last app update hosed something.