Massive app battery drain after last update

I’m experience massive battery drain after last eufy app update.
all of a sudden phone batter is drained within hours, where all energy consumption is from eufy app.
tried resetting, and clearing app caache and data and nothing helps.

Anyone else experiencing it or has suggetions on how to fix?


you could try to reinstall the eufy app. also you don’t mention if it’s android or ios

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It’s Android, tried to reinstall and it didn’t help.

if you go into your android settings, then scroll down to apps, find and open the eufy app. scroll down to battery. what does it show for battery usage? if it shows little battery usage from the app your problem is likely another app causing the problem. if the battery usage is excessive click on battery and you should have 3 options unrestricted, optimized and restricted. if unrestricted is highlighted try optimized and see if battery drain is less. understand, i use unrestricted so even when the phone screen is dark i want to get the notifications immediately. most cases where people are not getting their notifications quickly, this is the reason. the problem is android has so many phone manufacturers, all with slightly different changes to the os that this might just be a bug for your specific phone model.


Same problem here, on a Pixel 6 Pro. App is set to “optimized”. I first thought the problem occurred since I switched to a schedule, but maybe it’s the last update.


what does the eufy app show for battery usage?

I have been using the app with unrestricted battery for over a year, and everything was ok.
After the update eufy app takes over 80% of my battery usage with immense draining.
But again it was fine before the update.

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this sounds like a phone specific issue. if this was a widespread issue this forum would be blowing up with outraged people like it did when the eufy servers were going down. what phone model do you have and what is the os version? my samsung phone running android 12 is only showing 3% over a 5 hour period.

Had same issue. When I figured out the more motion alerts I got coorelates with the battery drain. And less alerts had almost no drain, I set my activity zones and alerts differently. This fixed my issue.

I’m having same issue. Not only is it draining my battery always showing as the app with the biggest power drain but is is also causing my phone to get warm. I have noticed that it is much worse the more motion notifications I get.

I am using android 12 on a Samsung phone.


have you tried reinstalling the app?

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I’m using oneplus 7 pro and seeing the massive draining even with no notifications at all.
Tried reinstalling several times.
Like i said, everything was fine in the first year or so of use, and if anything notifications frequency went significantly down over this time.

I have exactly the same issue. I see many people have this issue since the last Eufy Security App update. Please fix this!


I have the same on my OnePlus 6, no problem before, now massive draining, can set it to optimize but then i get no notification, if this is not getting fixed, I hav to find something else, because it is yousless, in this state, and i can’t keep it recommend to others

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Same issue here. Using a Galaxy S22. The battery usage, after the last update, when unrestricted is around 40% battery within 6 hours of unplugging the phone from a charger. Even if I have had zero motion alerts or other notifications. So it did nothing, and yet used 40% battery. When using the optimised battery setting it’s fine, but that’s no use since I get my alerts with a massive delay.

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I have the same issue
If the battery optimization is set to Intelligent control I get no notifications. If I set the optimization to Unrestricted - I get all notifications, but my battery on my OnePlus 7T gets drained in 5hrs. This makes the app absolutely useless as I cannot rely on being notified or having a charge in the battery.


Same here after update on my Pixel 6 Pro

Running on Honour 20

Same here on OnePlus 6T. If you use intelligent battery optimisation, solves problem but you get no notifications. This isn’t the first time I’ve seen this reported on this forums. Any thoughts Eufy?

I have the same issue. It is related to location reading for Geofencing. The worst implementation I’ve seen in my life, and it’s like this since the option is available. It drains the battery until lunch if not careful.
Basically the only solution is to deactivate the feature,which makes me wonder if isn’t it better to just spend another 30 eur for a better camera.
I wouldn’t recommend anyone to buy Eufy.