Massive app battery drain after last update

No, they don’t have any idea, of course. It would have been solved in the last year if they did.

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Same issue here on a Samsung Galaxy S22 took over 30% of my battery with single digit notifications for the day. Tried downgrading to an earlier version 4.x build and had the same issue. Installed the last version 3.x build (3.5.1_1159) and the problem has gone away. I don’t use geofencing and the app doesn’t have location permissions. I thought my o old galaxy S10’s battery had finally really started to give up the ghost which helped encourage the phone upgrade but now I’m wondering how much of the poor battery life was down to the app.

I have the same issue, The Eufy security app drains the life out of my phone’s battery. My mobile has now become a land line as I have to keep it plugged in. The alternative is to put the phone to intelligent battery optimisation and this does solve the issue but notifications can come through 15 minutes later or not at all. What’s the point? Starting to regret not picking a Ring doorbell.

OnePlus 6
Android Version 11

Same problem here using Geofencing on a new Samsung Galaxy S21 FE. Within 2 hours of full charge, battery is about 50%, with 40% of usage being Eufy app.

I updated my Pixel 6 Pro to Android 13 and got a new version of the Eufy app yesterday, and Eufy is chewing battery. I had put it in “Unrestricted” due to notification errors but I think I may have cured that now, so will maybe restrict it back again!

[EDIT : It’s stopped again, so it wasn’t that…]

Newest Eufy app has fixed the battery drain problem. Version v4.4.0_1407

I am sure it is the Geo Location.

Why not just check if WiFi is using home SSID. i am sure this will use a lot less battery. simple if check

if ( wifi == true ) {
if ( wifi.ssid == home.ssid ) {
location = home;
else {
location = away;

Please have this as an option. google uses this for its phone to stay unlocked in trusted wifi.

so please fix or add this option.

i emailed support and this is what i sent them

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Pixel 6 Pro, latest March 23 Android drop, massive battery drain again since - “lessons learnt” does not seem to be be of eufy’s MO :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :rage:

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I’ve been noticing that my normally very good battery, pixel 7 pro, now is losing battery quickly and it turns out it’s this app indeed.

I have a pixel 7 and have had this app for years.

Recently it started using about 15% of my battery per hour without it even being opened or any notifications.

I did just add a eufytracker on so I am wondering if that triggered it somehow.

Eufy support is not helpful. They seem to think it’s a phone settings or I am just wrong somehow.

This is a serious bug. How do we get them to actually look into this?

I have this app for years and had no issue at all.
I’ve enable geofencing today with my new camera and battery drain very fast. (i’m on pixel 7 pro)

For me It’s clearly a location issue. If I turn off this feature the battery drain is normal again…

I just want to return my camera and take another one from another brand…

Geofancing draining still the battery. (iOS)
Why isn’t Eufy adding the option to use wifi for locating if I am at home or away?!

It’s happening for me and my wife also, both on iOS. Eufy support is non-existent. I emailed them and tried to chat with them as well. They said to just wait for the next update, then wanted to know when I bought my cameras before they would answer basic questions: Is this a known bug, and when will it get fixed? No response. I’ve had to turn off location sharing completely for the Eufy Security app, otherwise my battery drains heavily. It’s hard to believe there isn’t a way to report bugs!

The release that came out this week on the 11th or 12th seems to have fixed the problem. Now if they could just fix the longstanding problem of geofencing not working properly unless you go into the app, that would be great! That’s been years in the making! Even my smart thermostat has that figured out. Come on Eufy!