[Let's Talk] What To Do If Your Neighbor Has Security Cameras Pointed at Your Home?

:house:There may be instances where our neighbors’ surveillance cameras or other security devices intrude upon our privacy, potentially causing concerns or even friction within the community.

We want to hear about your experiences with security devices in your neighborhood and near your home. :sweat_smile:Has a neighbor’s equipment infringed upon your privacy? Perhaps a camera, motion-activated light, or some other security measure has negatively impacted you in some way. How did you feel and what steps did you take to address the situation?

Share your stories and insights on handling these kinds of situations tactfully and respectfully:
Have you successfully communicated with your neighbors about your concerns?
Did you find alternate privacy-enhancing solutions that worked well for you?

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What kind of neighborhood conflicts related to home security have you faced?

  • My neighbor’s security devices invaded my privacy.
  • Noise from my neighbor’s security devices disrupted my lifestyle.
  • I have never encounter any conflicts with my neighbors.
  • Other.
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I love my neighbors cameras they catch things I might have missed as well as he has a LPR that reads ever plate and thanks to him I was able to identify a car that the passenger got out at 430 am in morning and was checking are car doors in my drive way my camera saw the guy and the car from side view only so I call next store and sure enough he got the time from me looked at his device and we got the plate .


My security camera’s have solved why my dogs were getting sick. My neighbor was giving them treats that were making them sick.
The camera’s have also shown strange behavior on and around the house by my neighbor.
The camera’s help the State Police figure out who and how many people were in our neighborhood breaking into car’s one evening a few years back.
On the flip side, I think some neighbors believe they are over - kill but I have assured them that they (camera’s) see what we don’t 24/7.


I enjoy my security cameras we have been able to leave things out as before they would walk off I just need to get a couple of more cameras and then I will be more comfortable


with my cameras I caught my neighbor hitting his dogs with a wip and I saw another neighbor back into my apartment. My landlord loves my cameras bc he was able to see who hit the apartment building and what time it happened just wish it was more convenient at night time on face recognition


Well we both have a security system and we talked about the zones and areas. So just talk to your neighbour. :grinning:


The cameras are awesome. We have been observing odd behaviors in our neighborhood as well. In fact, local detectives have requested footage a year ago following a homicide 5 blocks away. Trust me, residents in the area are well aware of the security system in place and try to avoid our property. Nice peace of mind. :grin:


Lights shine in bedroom annoying in my neighborhood it’s makes you a target they have an overkill of camera they have a clear shot into my backyard nosey mf

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Cameras in our neighborhood have cut down on property crime significantly. As for privacy we don’t have cameras pointed into houses. And if you’re in view from the street or the backyards you don’t really have an expectation of privacy anyway.


I am able to see all the abnormal behavior from neighbors.


Having trouble with the neighbors they have vandiliz everything on property.police. Been called etc!!! My camera will not pic up Nothing that they are doing tous. Camera are charged,in the right spots. I believe that have are camera s Jammed, what can we do? Thanks

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Esa camara, pociblemente tenga mejor, alcase de grabacion me gustaría tener uno,

Me gustaría tener una Camara, como esa se ve que es mejor, para mayor tranquilidad, de mi family…

Our cameras have not caused any issues with neighbors thus far. But then again, they seem to only be effective in capturing any activity being triggered at 25 feet. Are there options to have cameras running 24/7? And what type of storage would you need for that if you only kept video for a few days?


I caught my neighbor throwing rocks into our yard. She had to be cursed out,and threatened with cops. Their cameras point out to my sidewalk.

I feel the same way about more of my neighbors having their cameras overlapping zones actually covering areas that are susceptible to thugs and thieves attempting to either steal or trespass on our properties. I am not going to do anything that I have to worry about someone else seeing anyway! :slightly_smiling_face:


Positive towards neighbor cameras for securing extra areas. Negative if said cameras are pointed to cover your entries/exits! Double negative if surveilling across my backyard (so wife and daughter are not comfortable there, because of lack of privacy).

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My neighbor’s cameras is pointed directly into my kitchen in the back and into my sunroom in the front. No escaping them at all. I like the security it offers and the peace of mind knowing that it’s a deterrent from crimes, but, it’s is very invasive of my privacy. Can’t have a conversation anywhere around my house without them hearing. That sucks.