[Let's Talk] What To Do If Your Neighbor Has Security Cameras Pointed at Your Home?

:grin: I love my office/bedroom Eufy Camera

My neighbor does have a camera

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I love it is more se curity arrangement I fill more protection…no complement ot oll.

As camera owner, I sent my neighbor a still pic of my camera coverage. Since it dies not capture heir property, they are ok with it.

I gave my neighbor a Eufy p24 as Xmas gift.

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Currently dealing w neighbor who turns security lights on at 445am. My entire inside of my home gets lit like a Christmas tree. We don’t speak to them due to long time issues. But we’ve told their adult kids and they relayed info. They did nothing. I’m looking into local laws to see what can be done. Needless to say, it’s very aggravating!!

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My security cameras are great. We’re in a culdasac with 9 homes. Those who don’t live here should not be here. We’ve caught some strange actions by some neighbors. Other neighbors will ask if something is fishy and I go back and look at the time. It’s cut down on the thugs trying car door handles in our block. They’re clearly seen but cannot be touched without a 4 foot step ladder. Helps us all feel safer.

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Our cameras have helped with robberies and vandalism in the neighborhood. We have cameras that we use to monitor our home, but it also points to our neighbors window, so we use the privacy setting and black out their side so only we can see our yard and not invade their privacy. Although they don’t mind because we helped them to catch someone that broke into their home. But for us It’s just common courtesy. If neighbors ask out of concern, just show them the privacy setting so they feel comfortable, it’s the nice thing to do. :woman_shrugging:t4:


One of my cams point at my neighbor’s because they are the biggest security problem I have


My neighbor had a problem with my security camera but he had no idea what or where my cameras were pointed. I watch my property and only mine. He was just making noise for the sake of making noise. No more problems.

Sometimes it just look like its facing your neighbors but it’s actoly could be watching border line of your property and there’s no solution for that because there’s no other way… So let it go :rofl:

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I love my battery operated EUFY Doorbell!!!no contact needed and I can see my whole front yard!!!

My cameras are positioned within the confines of my boundaries. Anyone that crosses those boundaries I have a right to know. The only people crossing are postmen, charity canvassers, and the local pharmacy who deliver prescription meds. I have a sign placed in a prominent position saying 24 hour cctv cameras in operation. I believe this is a legal requirement. If anything occurs in the neighbourhood I have known the police knock on doors asking if we have cctv footage that may help with their enquiries. This happened with my daughter at her house who lives 2 miles from me. The police were actually walking the neighbourhood looking for houses with cameras. Then they would knock on doors of those that had to see if cameras had picked up anything. So, regardless of privacy boundaries, I think the police welcome footage that would assist them.

Im the neighbor with the Eufy system… We asked the neighbor if it was ok because her entrance is right beside ours …she said no problem at all …safer for them to

Yes, the people selling drugs and operating an auto repair chop shop were quite distressed. Now they are in jail. Since then every neighbor has added cameras to their properties, we compare videos.

My neighbour had their camera pointed at my driveway …so I mooned them …his wife doesn’t speak to me anymore (which is fine)…the husband always waves to me :rofl: :rofl: …what I do find strange and alarming is that I have only had my cameras installed about a month…they have not worked well at all since … I have tried everything…chatted to AI …no help …can’t get through on the phone …so I made a sign and held it up to one of my cameras that said their f…ing system sucked .Now Since I get no recording or notifications …Who is peeking ???

It was all fun and games until I purchased my eufy 8 camera system.
People don’t behave.
A must have!!!

What “privacy setting” are you talking about?

They can blur out some areas ask them if they did

most people can position their cameras so they don’t look directly into neighbours windows and back gardens, I spoke with my neighbours and have told them if they ever want to check where my cameras film to just ask and I will show them the live feed

Exactly. Cameras have a 30’ range and will only detect activity on our property. Other properties are outside the coversge of the cameras and the cameras are oriented in such a way to not “watch” neighbors.