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Is this a different version then? (5:02)

I noticed a couple more people asking this. But is there any way to have the keypad act more centrally? I’ve got 2 homebases. One for the back and one for the front of my house. (upstairs and downstairs) but the keypad only seems to talk to one. So I end up needing to stick upstairs on geofencing or manual to get them to switch over. Is anything in the works to make the keypad act as a go between of both homebases? At the moment it feels a bit disconnected. I actually enjoy the fact the act independently, but it would be good to connect both somehow as well.



Please fix it!
Even without the keypad it should be possible to manage more Homebases simultaneously.

Just come up with a virtual Homebase that works as the “mother”. Can’t be that complicated to code.


How can I control the security mode on my Indoor Cam with the keypad? Simoultaneously with the alarm system?

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The indoor cam is not integrated with the homebase and therefore the keypad cannot control the indoor cam.

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Ok, think this would be a good update though!

(When) will the keypad warn you when the alarm delay is triggered? My keypad is in the hall. When entering the house the Homebase starts to warn you with beeps until the alarm delay ends. However the Homebase is not in the hall and unaudible there. Ideally the keypad should also make warning sounds.

No, only when leaving the hall. Been waiting for this as well as other people…

Technically it should be easy to fix. I hope it will come soon.

I liked this keypad and the details provided are good. I would like if eufy come up with touch screen keypad with monitoring features of cameras. I would like to join any beta testing program. I am a big eufy fan

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@RubenJD The indoor cameras, floodlight camera, wired doorbell as well as multiple HobeBase2s (other than the HomeBase the keypad is on) as of this time CAN NOT be control by the keypad. The Eufy alarm system is the worse alarm system I have ever seen that seems to have been designed by bean counters instead of expert security alarm people. Until Eufy fixes the ability of the keypad to control (Home/Away/Arm/Disarm/etc) multiple HomeBases, as well as their WiFi non-HomeBase security products, people should be aware that they are buying into a hodge podge insane security ecosystem.


I have discovered that it seems like Anker/Eufy does not plan to participate in the “Project Chip” alliance … Yet another reason for NOT BUYING anything from Anker/Eufy anymore. I am now completely done with Eufy, since I am pretty sure that “smart devices” have no future without being part of the “Project Chip” alliance.

See more details here: (Link is down now)

NEW: “Project Chip” transformed into the "Matter Alliance"
See more details here:

Hello ! Is it possible to reduce the sound when pushing button ?

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Wow… what a thread! So I will say. I love my keypad. Can’t imagine this system without it!

Sounds like the way to talk, your the one in question?

Can I turn off all the sirens on my cameras and homebase once they have been triggered with the keypad? Or only with the app? Thank you.

Yes, the alarm gets disabled when switching from the keypad.

Frustrating not having keypad accessing my various indoor cameras. Please integrate this as a feature

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This is disappointing. I’ll be looking for Matter (formerly Project CHIP) in any smart home products I purchase. Based on the participating companies it looks like most product categories will be covered. This doesn’t meant I’ll ditch my eufy products, but when buying new a product with broade interoperability will be my first preference.