How to disable notification for familiar faces

Hi have 4 eufycam and Homebase (original one which has ai in the camera and face detection.

I have added familiar faces and want to be notified of movements only if it’s not due to familiar faces when I’m home. How do I achieve this?

Essentially I don’t want to receive notifications every time I walk in the backyard and camera sees me, but I do want to receive notifications if an intruder (not recognised person) walks in front of the camera.

Please advise


If this is an option for the Wired Doorbell 2k Pro, I’d love to hear about it, too. This was maybe my fgavorite feature of my Nest hello.

Did anyone find a solution for this?
Its a pretty common sense to not be notified when you yourself are detected.

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Any solution to this? This is irritating as >90% notifications are false and due familiar faces

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Also interested in this topic. It is quite annoying to receive notifications for the known faces… An upgrade solution would be appreciated, especially as the face recognition is advertised…

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I’m here hoping for answers too.

Boy…. I would just be happy if my cams could tell the difference between a human and my car bumper.


Another one with the same question.

Any news Anker?

I just installed Eufy Cam 3 with activated face detection and get thousands of notifications caused by family members. Thats on the one hand annoying and on the other hand bad for battery life.

How can known persons be filtered, so that no notifications are send? This feature can‘t only be suitable to say my name within a notification!?

Eufy App → Select Homebase → Setting (cog upper right corner) → Notification → Ignore Notification → Turn On → Select Face’s to Ignore


I am not seeing this Ignore Notification option for my Dual 2K with Homebase 2

Ah, sorry I’m on Homebase S380 with camera S300 (Eufycam 3)


Does that feature really work with the S300 and S330 cameras linked with the HomeBase3?
Because I replaced my HomeBase 2 with the latest and, kept my 2C Pro camera and battery doorbell. The camera recognises familiar faces and though the « Ignore notifications » settings is on on the HomeBase3, I still receive notifications each time I am detected or my husband is . It even is les detailed than when I choose not to ignore notifications (« a presence has been detected » versus « Me has been detected »).
I thought it was because the image is less clear (2K only for the C2 Pro). It seems, that for security measures, the notifications are sent anyway first and the facial recognition is done afterwards.

If it’s the same with the S300 and S330 cameras, I don’t see the point in upgrading.
One of the useful traits of facial recognition is to be allowed to be left alone when the cameras recognise people you don’t want to received notifications for.

I am suspecting Eufy of letting this settings on the app just to have a load of experiences for its AI and for nothing else.

Thanks in advance for letting me know how that feature works for you.
(I am in France so maybe it’s related to Europe laws)

I have the homebase 3 and S330 camera’s. It recognizes familiar faces, and i set it to ignoring familiar faces, but i still get notifications every time anyone is detected, whether it is a familiar face or not.
It looks like the notification is sent before the face is recognized, so what is the purpose of being able to ignore familiar faces?!..
It would be nice if someone from Eufy can comment, because it seems like this feature is not working as it supposed to be. Now i turned off notifications in general, which also kind of defeats the purpose…

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Yes, I’ve been in contact with the support for that problem and it’s getting infuriating because each time I get an answer ( and they are quick), I have the feeling the person is turning around the pot.

I nevertheless had the confirmation that the developers are working on the personalisation of the notifications.

How difficult can it be for the programmers to change or add some lines of script to NOT send the notifications when the person is recognised ?
Because 7 times out of 10 for me, the notifications comprise the right name of the person detected.

BUT if you chose in the settings to not be sent notifications for people the AI recognised, no notification comprise names anymore. They get anonymous :woman_shrugging: (« a presence has been detected »).

There is certainly a bug somewhere and I hope it will be fixed rapidly.


I think you have hit the nail on the head. Often, if the camera detects movement, but the person is not looking up, the camera cannot determine if it is a familiar face and would still send out the notification.

That, I can understand: after all, it’s a security measure. But if the camera has been able to get a good picture of the person in the same time it sends the notification (so then it can add the name of the person it recognised in the notification), then it’s not risky to not send the notification.
This morning, one of our cameras detected us 42 times. On these 42 times, only 12 notifications were precise, with the name of the person .
When I look into the journal, 37 times, the AI recognised the person but only after it had begun recording, thus the notification was sent without precision.
I think that if you placed the device at the recommended height, it is not ideal to get good pictures of faces. The détection distance is important as well and if you put a high sensibility, the person will be detected but their face not clear enough even with 4K.
Eufy are going to sell a wired 4K camera very soon and I ´m betting the option will work for this one because you’ll be able to record 24/7 :unamused:
I think, there will be a newer home base too😤

Let’s wait and see.
In the meantime, I’m anxiously waiting for an update in the Homebase 3 and in the app

Then there is no excuse if the camera can recognise a family member as soon as it detects movement but still sends out notifications. Perhaps they should introduce an optional time delay for the user to specify that the system should not send out notifications until the specified time delay has reached, and use the time delay to determine whether it is a familiar face or not.

Obviously, how long the time delay is set to depends on the user’s risk appetite.


That’s a very good idea.

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Has this been solved, and if so, what settings should I apply to stop notification updates if there is a familiar face/person. Thank you.