How to disable notification for familiar faces

Yeah this is a bit of a joke… honestly its a no brainer that there should be some functional way to avoid getting notifications for particular individual’s being detected e.g. family members that we dont want.
I asked Eufy support about this previously and was told that notifications would reduce as the AI learned… however after some weeks this seems totally not the case and bogus advice.
Ive also changed setting to on Homebase 3 so it shouldnt notify but it hasnt worked.
Can anyone from Eufy comment on whether this is being worked on or not?
This seriously impacts how id rate the Homebase 3 set.

Just bought s340 x2 and door bell e340 with base 3 Notifications driving me mad!! Its identified the faces as family or friends with name attached but im still getting all these alerts onnmy phone. I bought the homebase for this very reason and eufy tech have no ides. Ive reset and factory restet the base unit, which by the way makes yountake down all the cameras from the wall to scan the QR codes oh boy and still no answer!!

Same here. My Homebase 3 (firmware with a connected eufycam 3C (firmware is always sending notification even for known faces…
@eufy_Operation / @eufy_official please fix it, as one of your selling points is that the system only notifies you of unknown persons. It doesn’t make much sense for me to be recorded and notified when I’m sitting on my terrace, even though HomeBase 3 identifies me correctly as a known face.

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The problem is still present.
Basically, I have to disable the cameras when I am at home, and that is not ideal. I have a smartwatch, and it massages my arms 24/7 when there is a notification.
I also have two buildings, and moving across them all the time, so there is non-stop notification, that should not be triggered.

I would be glad to have some delay, a few seconds only, to recognize someone before sending out the notification. Also, the recording can be stored in the meantime, so if there really is an intruder, it can be still reviewed later from the stored clips.

Also, it would be nice to set this delay feature by camera, not just by home base, since the front facing camera is rarely triggered so it can remain sensitive.