Geofencing with schedule

This will never happen - Eufy = Rubbish

Out of curiosity - when you emailed support was it about geofencing not working at all, or about adding the geofencing + schedule feature?

I just emailed requesting “the ability to have my system switch to Away when I leave the perimeter of my residence (geofencing) as well as turn on at night when I am sleeping (via a schedule).” I work for a tech company and I agree with the user above that the only way to get movement on this is if more support tickets are filed requesting the feature.

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Really would like to have this feature! Please update eufy on your progress after almost 3 yrs of starting this thread :wink:

Agree this should be a feature. I’ve lodged an email with

Eufy is rubbish, one giant hole to peek for hackers, even Linus tech is dropping them as sponser , Check this out still waiting for two years for this function. Switched from Arlo but still missing this