Geofencing only works when app open

I have 3 x Homebase 2 with two Eufycam 2 on one Homebase and 2 Eufycam 2c on each of the other two. I have just realised that geofencing works well but only when the Eufy app is running. If the app is closed then geofencing takes forever to kick in - sometimes it takes hours. If the app is running geofencing works very quickly.
I have IOS 14.0.1 on iPhone Se 2020. Can you fix this please Eufy so that geofencing works consistenly in the background - i.e. when the app is closed.
Thank you!

A couple of things to check:

  • Share my location = ON
  • Location services = Always
  • Airplane mode = OFF

Make sure that you have Background App Refresh turned on, you don’t have Low Power Mode enabled in order for Geofencing to work.

Need to be careful though, this may drain your phones battery within no time.

If you want geofencing to work properly then this is a must.

Yep - all checked and correct. It’s only the switch over that needs the app running. Once switched I can close the app and everything then works fine. So, leave home, wait say 5 minutes, launch app and get the geofencing switch event advices, close app. Same on return home.

I’ll see if we can get an app update to fix this

With The new iOS update it resets location access right on every app even if it has been installed before the iOS upgrade. If the eufy security app is set to access location when using the app, then it won’t be able to get the accurate location until it’s opened. Set the access right to always use location if you need geofencing set the security mode per your real time location. Give this a check and they are looking into the app update.

For this app to be practical with geofencing you should NOT need to open the app for it to trigger. As long as the app is running in the background Eufy should automatically track your location. All the other geofencing apps I use work this manner and provide a true hands off approach. You shouldn’t need to stop and open your app so your cameras are armed.

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Any update on these guys? I have the same issue, where I need to open the app to trigger the geofencing switch. I have location set to always and share location on. I have both mine and my wife’s phones added to Geofencing, which means we both need to remember to open our apps for geofencing to trigger. This as you can imagine is quiet painful.

Right now I drive to the end of my property… pull over and arm my system. Geofencing doesn’t work. System snooze is a sad joke. I guess I will need to drive off my property and arm it. Ugh

I have no issue with geofwncing working on my Android phone

Hi everyone

Love the eufy camera etc but Is there an update on this topic? This is a really frustrating and quite frankly, pointless thing to have as part of a security system if I am required to constantly open the app in order to get it to work?

Come on eufy - can we get this sorted?

I have other apps where geofencing works flawless on my iPhone (etc. Tado).
When I leave home geofencing works most of the time.
When I’m out of home zone and returns home nothing ever happens.

Any update on this very annoying issue? It’s been over two years now and still doesn’t work as expected. What use is a security system that doesn’t arm and disarm itself properly?!?

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Up! Same here, extremely annoying that geofencing is not working properly. I have to open the app and it then immediately realises my location. I have activated everything as it should be. Please get rid of this bug, it is so annoying for an otherwise perfectly fine product

I found the same issue and with both Android and iPhone. It worked at first with just one device, but then when a second device was added to the list it worked maybe once. The main issue would be that eufy correctly detected “Out of the zone” when away, but then oftennever update to “In the zone”. (Or the opposite would happen - detect when in the zone but never change when out)

Location services set to “Always” etc as per eufy’s instructions. Tested it with HomeKit instead for a few weeks and it worked perfectly every single time, including with multiple devices in the list.

Other apps that use location services are also working. Just not eufy Security. :angry:

Up, same issue on iPhone

I’m having the same issue on Android. The app’s permission is set to always for location services, power saving is set to off, etc. Geofencing won’t update until I open the app. It’s been this way for years. I’ve spent many hundreds of dollars on Eufy Home Base and cameras. Geofencing is one of the most fundamental features of a security system. Please, fix it.

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I have exactly the same problem. Both my wife and I have our iPhones enabled with all of the suggested settings, but when one of us returns to the zone, the system remains in ‘Away’ mode. This is very annoying when letting the dog out into the garden and the camera alarm goes off for no reason. Please fix this ANKER!!!

Same problem - camera going back