Firmware Update Records - eufyCam 2C/2

2022.04.26, HB2 v3.1.9.0h

  1. Improved the system security by fixing some issues.

2022.03.22, 2C/2C Pro v3.3.5

  1. Optimized the battery consumption and increased working hours.

2022.03.07, HB2 v3.1.7.2h

  1. Supported the talk feature when adding with smartDrop
  2. Optimized the package detection when adding with video Doorbell Dual
  3. Fixed some bugs

2021.11.22, 2Pro 4.6.4

  1. Support for privacy zone feature;
  2. Fix the existing BUG and improve system stability.

2021.11.22, HB2 v2.1.8.5h

  1. Optimize the add device process;
  2. Improve Homebase2’s compatibility with doorbell products;
  3. Fix the existing BUG and improve system stability.

2021.8.20, HB2 v2.1.7.8h
1.Fix the existing BUG and improve system stability.

2021.4.23, HB2 v2.1.6.9h
1.Fix the existing BUG and improve system stability.`

2021.4.13, HB2 v2.1.6.8h
1.Fix the existing BUG and improve system stability.

2021.4.2, V1.7.4 / V2.7.4

  1. Support for privacy zone.
  2. Optimize the issue of overexposure in the first few seconds of live streaming.

2021.3.29, HB2 V2.1.6.6h
1、Optimize the support for professional monitoring service.
2、Fix the notification problem of entry sensor.
3、Improve Homekit recording function.

2021.3.16, V5.2.7

  1. Optimize the functionality of professional monitoring services.
  2. Fix existing problems to improve system stability.

2021.2.5, V5.2.7

  1. Improve the success rate of automatic firmware update.

2021.1.29, V5.2.5

  1. Solve the issue that the video flash on night vision mode
  2. Solve the issue of low volume in the first few seconds of video.
  3. Optimize the issue of missed detection of human occasionally.

2021.1.22, V2.1.5.7h

  1. Doorbell allows live streaming even when it’s high temperature.
  2. Solve the issue that the door sensor schedule push may fail the next day.

2021.1.22, V5.2.1

  1. Reduce the false rate of human detection

2021.1.13, V5.1.8

  1. Solve the issue that the purple color of the object is displayed as gray color on the video.
  2. Increase the volume of the speaker.
  3. Solve the issue that there may be no recording when HomeKit is enabled.
  4. Solve the issue of horizontal screen display on Google Home Hub.

2021.1.10, V5.1.5
1: Reduce the false rate of Human and Face Detection.
2: Optimize the Mic startup speed.
3: Optimize recording quality.
4: Optimize the live streaming timeliness.

2020.12.25, V5.1.3

  1. Improved the success rate of firmware update.
  2. Solved the occasional crash issue.
  3. Improved the success rate of Human detection.
  4. Optimize the resolution of live streaming and recording.
  5. Solved the issue that spotlight does not light up when adjust the brightness value.
  6. Improved HomeKit feature support.

2020.12.18, HomeBase2 v2.1.5.0h

  1. Optimize the issue of device may offline.
  2. Optimize the length time of clips stored in NAS may be short.
  3. Solve the issue that the watermark is turned off when adding or deleting devices in the Home app.
  4. Optimize the accuracy of Human detection in the activity zones.


  1. eufyCam supports for Solar Panel(Requires app V2.3+).
  2. Fix some bugs.


  1. Optimize the audio noise during the two-way talk.
  2. Solve the issue that the Keypad may keep playing Delay voice prompts.
  3. Optimize the stability of NAS video streaming.
  4. Optimize the stability of Geofencing settings.
  5. Optimize the switching speed from Away to Home mode.
  6. Optimize the fluency of HomeKit Camera live streaming.
  7. Solve the issue that the camera may be set to Human Only when HomeKit is enabled.


  1. Solve the issue that the Homebase2 needs to be powered off and restarted to rebind after reset.
  2. Solve the issue that motion frequently triggered may lead to occasionally no recording.
  3. Solve the issue that it still records and push when triggered by motion in Human Only mode during the day.

2020.09.28, v2.1.2.8h

  1. Support the screenshot notification setting of the eufyCam series.
  2. Support timing and schedule notification of entry sensor.
  3. Support for setting the prompt volume of HomeBase.
  4. Solve the issue that the Home app occasionally unable to streaming, and occasionally has false notification.
  5. Solve the issue that unable to play the clips in iCloud occasionally.
  6. Optimize the power consumption of the camera when HomeKit is enabled.

2020.08.19, v2.1.2.2h

  1. Solve the issue that the Android app may not play the eufyCam 2C/2 clips.

2020.08.19, v2.1.2.0h

  1. Solve the issue that Human detection many not work during snoozing.
  2. Solve the issue that the streaming quality changed to Auto after recording is over.
  3. Solve the issue that unbinding may fail.
  4. Solve the issue that the HomeBase has no sound when pressing the doorbell after HomeBase restarted.

2020.08.04, v2.1.1.8h

  1. Solve the issue that the camera prompts need to be re-added occasionally.
  2. Solve the issue that there may have some blur pixels in eufyCam 2C images.
  3. Solve the issue that some of the cameras may not respond when HomeKit is enabled.
  4. Optimize the success rate of face detection when pressing the doorbell.

2020.07.23, v2.1.1.4h

  1. The eufyCam series supports no audio recording in clips.
  2. The eufyCam series supports NAS password settings.
  3. Solve the issue that the eufyCam time format may be incorrect after the HomeBase restarts.
  4. Solve the issue that the activity zone of the 1080P doorbell may not take effect after just added.
  5. Optimize the overexposure issue of Home app snapshot
  6. Solve the issue that the HomeBase may fail to connect to Mesh Wi-Fi.
  7. Optimize the issue that the HomeBase prompts the need to rebind the device.

2020.06.29, v2.1.0.9h

  1. Support eufyCam series NAS encryption setting (requires latest app version).
  2. Solve the issue that network disconnecting during streaming may cause the camera to not stand by.
  3. Solve the issue that discard recording switch out of activity zone may not work.
  4. Solve the issue that ““Stream on eufy”” switch may not work when HomeKit is enabled
  5. Solve the issue that the Home app adds the HomeBase 2, eufy then adds the HomeBase 2, and there is no voice prompt from the HomeBase 2.
  6. Remov the Battery Doorbell sync showing to Home app.
  7. Solve the issue that Battery Doorbell can still receive motion push when turning off Motion Detection.
  8. Solve the issue that eufyCam 2C Spotlight may always on.
  9. Solve the Night Vision and Status LED settings sync issue between Home app and eufy app.
  10. Optimize overexposure snapshot issue in Home app when eufyCam 2C under night vision.
  11. Change the date format in the video image.

2020.06.08, v2.1.0.4h

  1. Reduce 1s live streaming buffer time for eufyCam 2C/2 on the Apple Home app.
  2. HomeKit Audio Record changes from off to on by default.
  3. Solved the issue of false recording outside the activity zone of the eufyCam/E.
  4. When the door sensor is in Disarm mode, the HomeBase does not alarm, there is no door opening and closing sound.
  5. Enhance time synchronization mechanism
  6. Optimize the charging status sync speed when the device restores to online.
  7. Solve the fuzzy image issue in the 2C Pro/ 2 Pro NAS recording.

How exactly do you go from to ? there is definitely something wrong here…

The update is done using a staged rollout. This means not every user is getting it at the same time.
If you currently have issues, I suggest writing to support and ask them to schedule the update for you.

@jesuralem @Mengdi

I believe that should read as on the last update.

Why am I still on and it tells me I’m up to date? According to this I’m 2 releases behind!

The check update version function doesn’t work - it always notifies you that you are up to date

Any info about firmware


Hey No I sure have not are you still around here or did you go home

Do these updates include the 2k pro? My new cameras are showing version 3.8.1, is that the latest as at today??

Same here

I would like to read detailed information regarding the update too. The current FW fór EufyCam2 PRO is 4.5.8.

Looks like the firmware update topic for 2C/2 cams is getting confused with the 2C Pro and 2 Pro cameras. Maybe we need a separate topic for 2 Pro/ 2C Pro as they have software revisions like 3.8.1 and 5.2.7. As far as I can tell, the latest updates as of 5/2 for 2C is at 1.74 . Makes it impossible to tell what is going on with the Pro or the standard 2/2C cams.


5.2.7. for PRO? Where can I get it? I thought the latest version waa 4.5.8. ? It seems that my cameras stopped working at all. I have the motion detection set to max & all and they didnt catch a single move in 24h, except for a giant spider moving over the lens…

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If you look at the firmware topic at the top of the page under 2/2C cams, it shows several level 5 updates, although it doesn’t show 5.2.7, which is the latest I have on 2 - 2C Pro cams. That was the point of my post. They are mixing the Pro series cam with the standard 2/2C cams and they have different firmware. Your level of 4.5.8 doesn’t even show on the list. If you are having issues, contact support. No one here can do anything about who gets what firmware or when.

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Do you mean that Eufy are installing 5.2.7 on standard 2C but the firmware is for PRO? I have some issue on motion detection on 2C standard which has this release. All others five 2C work fine on 1.7.4

No @robyorse. I don’t mean they are installing the wrong firmware in the cameras, but the firmware changes for the Pro series is showing up under the topic for the 2/2C cameras. The Pro series is different and have different software. It should have it’s own topic and list of updates.

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I agree.
Better have specific topics to address relative issue ; for example explain why I have a 2C Standard (non PRO) with 5.2.7 system version.

Literally have no idea what eufy are doing with their firmware updates for the eufy cam 2C. I have 7 cameras, 5 are running 5.2.7 firmware and the other 2 are running 1.7.4 firmware… I’ve been told they are the exact same firmware and that I shouldn’t worry about anything. Their reason for the 2 different firmware versions is due to COVID-19… kinda lame excuse if you ask me. I asked them to explain if 5.2.7 firmware and 1.7.4 firmware are the same then why are my 2 cameras that are running 1.7.4 have a privacy zone feature… :man_facepalming:t5:

Why am I still stuck on V5.2.7


Since the latest update on mine I have been experiencing issues with them not detecting movement and no longer recording events. Is this a known issue or something I need to be looking to sort with my setup. Was all fine before the firmware update and nothing has been changed in my configuration.