Firmware Update Records - eufyCam 2C/2

I’ve having the same issues. I’ve reset all cameras and homebase and reconnected but still having the same fault. I checked the firmware and realised that my problems started around this time.
I’m hoping this is a problem they are aware of and will push an update to fix this as I’m not confident my property is monitored securely anymore.
If no update soon then I will be claiming under warranty because as far as I’m concerned the system is faulty.

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Hooray 5.4,3 finally brings privacy zones!

The 5.4.3 firmware update might have brought in the privacy zones but at the same time it broke the human only motion detection

I have now had a Weird one,

I have a 2x Eufycam 2 Pro (front and rear of house) and 1x Video Door Bell
Activity zones set.
All works fine in day time, but nothing is recorded and no push notifications at night despite the security mode setting (away/home/etc)

I have confirmed motion detection in motion test mode. (red LED lights up)

It was working perfectly fine all these months, but since an update to the HomeBase 2 and i can see some new subsystem version update on the camera too , i started to have these issues from past 2 weeks now.

Did all sorts of tshoot like reboot the box , remove and re-add and nothing helps , so what exactly has happend and how to resolve this now.

EufyHome 2
System version -
Subsystem Version -

eufyCam 2 Pro - Mounted at Rear
System version - 3.8.4
Subsystem Version - 1.0.98-20210826

BatteryDoor- T8210
System version -