Eufycam2 power management stats events filtered by ai

Hi, just wanted to see if anyone else has this issue and not sure if that’s why my eufycam2 has stopped detecting motions so often since the latest update to homebase2. It seems like since the update, the number of false events filtered by ai have stayed unchanged. I recently recharged a camera which resets all the events. And since the last 3 days, my events filtered by ai has been 0 (zero) for 3 days, it hasn’t moved, and is still at 0 today. Previously, I would have a lot of false events filtered by ai, but suddenly there are no false events filtered by ai. Thanks.

Hey there, I have read several topics about non-functioning AI in the eufycam 2[c] series. A fix is being worked on by eufy at the moment and should be released shortly.

Thank you @John0,

Do you happen to know if this issue pertains to the 2C cameras or the Homebase 2s? I sure hope that a firmware update will solve my issue of no recorded events and no notifications on my iPhone.

From what I have heard, this firmware version would fix the problems mentioned here:

I did not check, but I believe someone mentioned eufycam 2 having problems as well after the subsystem updated to 1.0.72.something.