V2.1.2.8h breaks "Human Only" in Motion Detection

Now it is detecting all motion in the daytime and push all motion notification

Had this set to ‘human only’ detection in Motion Detection

Notice this after the firmware upgrade


This problem needs specific analysis, please contact support@eufylife.com

Same here. And not only that. Also the activity zones do not show any effect. Super annoying for the front door! Every car and pedestrian which ist not on my ground causes an alert.


Same here. For eufycam 2c. Human only and zones not working.

Tried resetting the camera. Reconfigured zones. Nothing helps.


Seems to be specific to eufycam 2c then, as I have no problems with eufycam 2 (Pro).


I have found that after any update I make sure to go through and reset all my configurations as often times the update will rest things, even though it shows as my settings. So I reset them and they generally all work again

@Mengdi Same issue from a recent homebase 2 update. Eufycam 2 (non pro). All cameras impacted. Extremely frustrating getting a million notifications for only motion not HUMAN which it is set on. Tried everything under the sun to fix. Wish there was a rollback update option. Please fix!

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Reset and nothing worked. It is the firmware update. Ahhhh! Battery drained in 2 days. Help!

Your eufycam 2 battery got drained in two days?

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Yes this firmware breaks the detection of humans. Nothing you can do other than wait for update, meanwhile disable motion detection. And if you have wireless cameras - this should be a good lesson for you, never, EVER use any wireless cameras if you can use wired instead, at least power them using solar panels or anything like that. Any firmware update can screw up their power consumption in many ways so battery power should always be used as a backup and not as primary power source.

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Same here… Eufycam 2 just updated to subversion 1.0.72-20200820 this afternoon, same effect.


Same here.
Maybe if enough people complain, they’ll fix it.
It’s extremely annoying when every bit of motion sets off the cameras.

On another note, one of my cameras is no longer connecting - noted recently (maybe after this last update?)

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I reached out to support with the same issue on Oct 19th. Eufycam2’s and Eufycam 2C’s are triggering notifications for motions even those it is daytime and set for Human Only. They were all being triggered by animals, like squirrels running around this morning as “motion detected” even though all cameras are set for Human Only. It was fun to watch the videos of squirrels but mad annoying since over here it’s fall and they’re going crazy in the yard gathering nuts. So i was getting blasted with notifications.

After going back and forth with support over 3 days (1 e-mail a day basically) with videos and timestamps, they confirmed the issue and were pushing out firmware v. to my Homebase. I just got the update about an hour or so ago, and everything seems to be back to normal.


Yeap, no effect resetting those configuration

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Any idea how to download the update directly?

Eufy pushes the new updates to the devices themselves. They stagger them to their customers so everyone won’t get them at the same time.

Hope they push out that new update soon then. @Mengdi Any idea on timing?

Yes- For those who asked, I had 1 camera in a high traffic area have the battery drain in 2 days because of this issue. The others are draining at triple the rate.

They should stop rolling out V2.1.2.8h. it seems like they have not done a good job on testing before rolling this out


Thank you for updating. I will forward this problem to the supporting team.

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It’s a bug, please email support to fix this


Thanks for contacting eufy customer support.

We are sorry for the inconvenience caused. In your case, our engineer has located the root cause, and they will resolve this issue in our next firmware version within 2-3 days. In your case, please let us know the following information so we can ask our engineer to update the firmware for you once it is available.

-HomeBase SN. You may check it on the Homebase.

-The Email for Your eufy Security Account.

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