EufyCam anti-theft protection

Hi everyone,

I’ve just had a chat with Support and they confirmed my worst fears: they have no theft or reuse protection whatsoever. I.e. it might be just a matter of time until shady people get wise to the fact that these nifty electronic devices

  1. Can be easily unscrewed within seconds
  2. Don’t notify the owner when the connection is lost
  3. Can be easily reset
  4. Are fully functional if re-paired so
  5. Can be sold on the secondary market at full second-hand price

What’s worse is that they don’t plan to fix this as they don’t think this is a problem.

Someone else on this forum already said as much, but now I have confirmation from Eufy themselves. Also, if that other post is to be believed, a thief can even remotely erase the videos stored on the owner’s homebase. So a thief can steal the cameras and also erase any proof you might have of the theft.

To me this sounds like a terrible security flaw, and an unnecessary one at that. I can’t see why this wouldn’t be solvable with software updates but they have no plans to fix it.

Personally I’ve requested a return/refund. Though I’m out of policy by now so I’m at Eufy’s grace about whether or not they agree to take these back.

For anyone interested, here’s the full discussion with support.


Since creating this thread I’ve read some more and can see it’s been covered by others too:

Customer support still insist there’s no problem though. Which differs from what I’ve read in other threads where they say they’re working on a fix.
Just got a reply denying a refund advising the cameras should just be installed at 2-2.5m from the ground, as if ladders haven’t been invented yet :smile:


I have just bought the 2c Pro versions and questioned this when installing them on the side of the house.

I had thought of adding thread lock to the mount to make it difficult to remove. Obviously you would need to mount and test before adding thread lock for a desirable mount.

I also thought about adding a tether to the camera. But this would require screwing into the camera or gluing something on.

Personally they could include a separate m5 screw hole for a secure torx bolt and a braided steel cable tether


Hey Eufy team, have you considered adding a theft prevention alarm to the Eufy 2C cameras? I am a little concerned that with the cameras installed at the recommended height they are fairly easily removed. I guess that there is no gyroscope or other sensing hardware built in but could you use the image software to detect that they are being unscrewed and therefore set off the alarm? This could be disabled by turning the camera off before removal…

Just signed up to say thank you to the OP for bringing this to the attention of a would-be-buyer.

I was about to make a purchase, but having read this thread, and the lack of response from the business, I’m not sure I can trust such a company.

Very poor show Eufy.

A shame because the YouTube reviews looked great.