Eufy doorbell EU

When is the Eufy doorbell available and suitable in Europe, specifically in The Netherlands?

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Thank you for contacting Eufy customer support. @Michael_Young

We really appreciate your support in our brand and we are so glad to hear you are interested in our Eufy security series.

To address your concern, the Eufy Door Bell is currently only available in the US and CA market. We are sincerely sorry to let you know those products are not available for the EU market at this stage.

We haven’t confirmed the release date for the EU market yet. Please stay tuned to all of our social media and Anker website to get the latest information. You can also subscribe to our newsletter and receive Anker news directly to your email.

If you need further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time.

Is it possible to use in Europe a Doorbell ( Battery powered) purchased in US ?
I have had the problem in the past with door sensors that were regionalized.

Thank you for your reply. @Fred16

The battery doorbell will be release in the Uk market very soon.

We haven’t confirmed the release date for the Europe market yet. Please stay tuned to all of our social media and Anker website to get the latest information. You can also subscribe to our newsletter and receive Anker news directly to your email.

If you need further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time.

He works fine with me in the Netherlands
Purchased through Amazon US. Sunday ordered yesterday installed

Mine works too in the UK - battery life is 5 days max for me! Going to have to wire it in. As I can’t return it easily to US.

Did you have any luck with it chiming on an Echo? If you have one… the skill doesn’t seem to work here.

(For others @david_ebanks & I have corresponded previously on this issue)
David - my battery level still shown completely ‘green’ in the app from its original charge (just over a month with LOTS of test viewings during this initial testing phase) - so I would say that you definitely have a problematic system that is either creating an abnormal drain, or a poor battery that will not achieve full charge. That’s unfortunate that your special circumstances won’t allow return/exchange

My one complaint about the battery level indication is that there is only a very tiny icon in the app - from the small resolution it appears to look like is still fully green, although the overall icon is so small you can’t really make out any resolution on that (so I don’t even know what it will look like as it begins to deplete)
Surely there could be a more discernible reading in the settings? (I’m not missing this am I? Have searched everywhere around the app)

Thank you!

I must have a defective unit as I have other Eufycam’s looking in the same direction with no battery issues at all. They really are remarkable with the daily activity they get.

Yes you clearly have the full green bars so no issues there.

Anyway today I’ve wired mine in with a plug in adapter. It’s very closely charging but at least will stop me having to change the batteries. I may opt for a return once a Eufy start selling the doorbell in the UK so I can get a better unit though.

I’m still using the Lowe video quality at 1600x1200 as the 2K is just too jerky and down to 10 frames per second Vs 15FPS on my settings

By the way, battery percentage only shows during charging. This is the same for the Eufycam’s too.

My doorbell is now wired so that also show’s the percentage now…

Is there any Updates on when the Eufy wireless doorbell will be coming to the UK?

Good morning,

is there a place where we could find a PDF manual for the Eufy Battery Doorbell IOS app ?
also a description of the parameters and settings ?
seems we have a problem to hear the visitor speaking … and visitor do not hear us !!!

Thank you

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It’s available for NL on and Just bought one last week, it works great, except for the addition of extra (invited) users/family members, secondary admins. All the rest works just fine.
The viewing angle is a bit too wide (fish-eye like), for many Dutch houses this means you’ll have the side of the deur-kozijn in view. This is a little annoying. It would be better if you could turn that lense a bit outward or inward, as to avoid having those side-bricks in view.

Also, you get a Homebase2 with it, but it’s still totally unclear (nowhere to be found thus far) to me which other eufy devices are compatible with that Homebase unit. This marks the youth of this brand. It’s not like dahua, netgear, or foscam for that matter, where you’d never encounter details like that unmentioned in the product leaflet. Do they want to sell devices or not? Really strange.

I bought a Eufy Battery Doorbell from the Netherlands and got it shipped the the U.K. just installed it today and it’s brilliant.

Just one question for anyone else with the same model, I’m finding that the volume of the preset Quick Reponse replies and also when using the app to speak through he doorbell to possible callers is way too quiet. Anyone else have this same issue?

how soon is very soon?

I have this problem too. There’s a couple of things that are broken. @AnkerSupport @Mengdi

The first is that the volume of the doorbell and the sound volume of the ‘audio’ and ‘ringtone’ are not working correctly. With both sliders fully to the max, then speaking through the app to the doorbell works and is audible and clear but then the ringtone sound at doorbell is at a very high volume. If the ‘ringtone’ slider is then reduced, this also takes the volume of speaking through the doorbell to almost silent. Surely ‘ringtone’ should only change ringtone and ‘audio’ should change voice.

The second issue I have is that when the doorbell registers a motion trigger, it doesn’t change the image in the app in the same way the cameras do. For example if the camera sees a trigger, the snapshot is saved in the app so without looking and the history, the last trigger is visible. The doorbell doesn’t do this and I have to press the little number with the square in the app for it to show me if and what was the triggered.

@AnkerSupport @Mengdi some more feedback…

I’ve added my Battery Doorbell. When it sees a person, I referred to it as ‘human’ and a snap shot it shown as below. When a camera sees the same it uses a small human icon and states ‘video clip’. They deal differently with the same event. Why do they not deal with the even in the same way? I prefer the way the doorbell deals with this.

@AnkerSupport the battery video doorbell doesn’t load the last activity into the app video still. The little number updates to say there was activity, but the picture in the frame doesn’t reflect the the associated activity. The cameras all do this correctly but the doorbell doesn’t. Are you aware of this bug?

@User1477 Thank you for reaching out.

We really appreciate you reaching out and letting us know your concern.

For the doorbell sound issue, do you mean you received the notification and but when you click in you could not found the event video?

Please noted that the event will be saved once its finshed recording.

If the issue still persists, please let us know the serial number of your doorbell device and send an email to

Apologized again for any inconvenience caused. Any other concerns we can address in the future, please feel free to contact us.

@AnkerSupport this STILL isn’t fixed. The ringtone and audio volume audio on the battery doorbell cannot be changed independently. The only way it works it to have both sliders all the way all the way up and set to loud. I don’t want the whole street hearing the doorbell chime from the outside. Switching this to a lower volume also reduced the sound so taking through the doorbell cannot be heard.

How do you get these things so wrong? I mean, this is basic functionality.