Doorbell Halloween Voice

Eufy, you are kidding right? The volume on the doorbell is broken, and has been for several months, but you plough resources into bringing a Halloween voice to the doorbell instead? @AnkerSupport please sort your priorities.

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Have you tried this out with the latest app (2.2.2)?
If not, you should reach out to support. Maybe add a video of the problem, I have learned that it really helps them understand the problem. I will try and test this on my battery doorbell later today. Will post my findings here!

My findings with the test: no problems detected on my end.
I’m on Android app 2.2.0, homebase T8010 version and 2k battery doorbell T8210 version

One bug I did notice: the premade answers (like ‘leave it at the door’ etc.) are played at ringtone audio volume, not the audio volume level.

Which doorbell do you have, can you specify the versions like I did?

How does the Halloween voice work? Can’t find any settings for it after doing the app update

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I added it when it appeared in my messages, but don’t see it in my wired doorbell settings anywhere. Here’s the instructions found in the wireless doorbell help section so I’m not sure if it’s just for the wireless doorbell or won’t show up until a later date?

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I also have a wired doorbell, and do not have the Halloween sounds and there is no message about them in the app to add them. Getting close to Halloween, I hope I can use these soon.

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I think they might’ve stopped making them available because I couldn’t find them anywhere on my Eufy app and I definitely added it when I saw it.

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So are you able to use it? Do u still have it?

Thanks for the detailed info!

Anytime! Do you have the wired or battery doorbell? We’re you able to find it?
I still don’t have it on the wired doorbell. (T8200)

No and no I never received it.

I have it on the battery doorbell, I downloaded it via the link in the messages section on the app. Shame you have to manually activate it as a response after the doorbell is pressed, I was hoping it would act as the chime when pressed. Unless I am mistaken.


Thanks for the reply. It would be pretty fun to use on trick or treaters. I guess I’ll never know.

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