Eufy App Update Questions

So the app was updated today and have some questions on the release notes.

  1. The eufyCam series suports the setting of pushing screenshots – Cannot find this setting in the app?
  2. Entry sensor supports the “Open” status alert and “Daily” staus check – Again where is this?
  3. Increase the maximum number of connectable devices – What is the number now?

These change logs need to be more specific on the changes, being generic is not much help.


Same question from my side.
It would be really nice to have push notification with screenshot.

So I took a peek around in the code and found this:

  • video doorbell mentions a continuous recording option
  • video doorbell also mentions 8x/16x speed playback (probably for continuous recordings)
  • entry sensor would send a notification if a door/window is open for too long
  • entry sensor will send notification when a door is still open after a time of day
  • bunch of eufycam solo text is added (could record 2k, works with WiFi, no homebase needed)
  • although mentioned in the update, I see no trace of eufycams with picture in notification (unless they plan to re-use the menu from the video doorbell)