Notification with Screenshot

Today there was a new app update which stated that there‘s a setting that the EufyCam series can do notification with screenshot.
In my understanding → push notification with picture
But I can’t find this setting and there‘s still the normal push notification.

I cannot see this function? Still receiving the same old notification. Does anyone with Eufycam 2C have the picture, thumbnail notification with the recent app update?

Hi, for me both 2C and Indoor camera are doing that… (on Android (10, Samsung A9) notifications and event-list…

Have you checked for each camera what motion detection modes are active?

Trying to find how to add pictures here, took screenshots already :thinking: and giving up…

Eventlist is with picture but the push notification would be nice with a screenshot (iOS). Had this with my Arlo.

Here you van add a picture:

Are you getting preview pictures when you receive notifications from your 2C cameras? If yes, did you need to turn on any settings? I’m using iPhone

Did you get a firmware update for that (homebase and/or camera)? Could you state the current versions of both?

Nobody else? :unamused:

I sent a message to support. This is their response:

Firmware 2.1.0 was released, the feature Pushing Screenshots can be found under camera setting - notification - include thumbnail.

Also the features for the entry sensors can be checked under safety - Homebase - Entry sensor.

If both cannot be found, please send me a screenshot and I could ask internally, why this is not on your APP yet.

App 2.1.0 is installed. I don‘t have an option for this and will contact the support. Thank you

anybody has some news about it?

I‘ll let you know as soon as the support writes back

So I got my reply, this is what they said:

Thank you for the screenshots. I would like to show this to our technician.

(As I noticed, you are using version V2.1.1, but we have now released version V2.1.2.

Could you update to this, please? )

I will already ask our technician now and then come back to you. Please be patient.

Is there anybody on version 2.1.2? I can’t find it in the Google play store or apkmirror.

It‘s not only the app itself. The homebase needs an update to and this update has not yet been fully implemented.

Information from the Eufy service :+1:

Explains why there is no trace of it in the app. Though he did state the screenshot functionality should be present regardless.
I also asked for the entry sensor, which has settings in the app’s data, but not visible. Maybe they refer to that for update version 2.1.2 (which is still something :))

If this is true, I’m starting to believe that Eko_taas is trolling.

This is the answer i’ve received for the missing thumbnails in iOS.
Probably in a couple of days they will push some updates…

I really never get what versions they mean.
Mine said ‘firmware 2.1.1’, but he clearly meant the app version. Now Luna says ‘the version 2.1.1’ but what version is she talking about?!
So again mine said 2.1.2 (android) was released already, but I can’t find it anywhere. As we hear 3 different stories, we’ll find out in time who’s got the most trustworthy support :smiley:

EDIT: Just after I posted this reply I got a response:

I just got a feedback from our technician.

These two feature are only supported on firmware version According to your sytem you are still using the homebase firmware version is Please update the homebase first.

In order not to overload our servers, the updates are not all issued at the same time. There may be delays in some regions.

I would therefore like to ask for your patience, the APP you are using is already compatible with the two new features.

So derDoc and I now get the same response. Will wait until the homebase updates, quickly hopefully.

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This was the reply from Eufy support, see below. Homebase needs an update, coming soon.

Sorry to know that you can not find this setting and I have confirmed with the App support that this function still needs Homebase firmware support. The compatible firmware will be released soon, I will keep you informed and hope you can stay tuned.

Sorry again for this inconvenience caused to you and if you have any other questions, please feel free to email me back, I am here ready to help you.

Good thing: It’s coming! :smiley:
Happy to to get notification with screenshot. One of the things I really liked with my Arlo. Great! :slight_smile:

yes, the lack of the notification with screenshot is the only downside of the eufy system in comparison of Arlo.

This aaaaand geofencing together with shedule :wink:

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