Delayed Event Recordings?

I noticed when there’s an event captured, that the video recording starts 2-5 seconds after the movement happened. This means I’m not seeing what led up to the event and I’m missing a good chunk of the event itself.

Example: Car pulls up driveway (nothing gets triggered), person gets out of car and walks off-camera (I only see their last steps taken). So the car didn’t set it off (weird), but the person did, and I only got a replay starting seconds after the notification.

Is there a fix or workaround for this?


No fix as yet that I’ve seen. I have adjusted my sensitivity level higher to get it to record earlier but drains battery more. Hoping they still come out with a firmware update for this.

Seems to be the same issue across their devices.


Thanks for the reply. Perhaps a future software/firmware update will address this.

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I reported this a while back and can tell you a fix is not possible due to the way this system works. Only systems that use continuous recording can capture events before movement is detected within a selected activity zone.

The only way is to add an additional motion sensor that extends the activity zone, so the system starts recording earlier. Eufy does do a stand alone add-on sensor, but is not weather proof as of yet.

Anyway, hope that helps.


Thanks for the info!

I’m wondering how other companies like Wyze are able to achieve this?

I have the 2C’s setup with HomeKit and record all the events, but, this “lag” seems like something that can be avoided. Anyone able to chime in with potential solutions?

This one of several problems that this company won’t address. my camera too starts late I mean If a thief was taking my package the camera won’t start showing until he is leaving if it picks him up at all.


I think the only product that has what your looking for at the moment is the wired video doorbell as it’s not battery operated it states on there website it has the following functionality

View 3 seconds of footage prior to the initial alert. Gain a clearer picture of what happened and increase the likelihood of criminal identification.

None of the battery camera or battery doorbell currently offer this functionality as far ad I’m aware.

I agree it would be a nice feature to have though


Maybe if they would have been honest and stated in their description about the limit of their products I could have made a decision to buy or not.


You may want to increase your activity zone’s to trigger activation sooner, which means, depending on size of the area you may have to increase your recording time. And that means shorter battery life. What I do to get around taken camera down, I charge it with my small portable phone charger when it gets to half way. Plug it in and let it sit for 1 or 2hrs. Hope this helps

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This is a common problem with battery powered devices. Simply because of the need to be conservative as possible on battery usage. The other brand of cameras is use has this same issue, but there solution is that the camera can also be continuous poweredby usb. Unfortunately it is just a characteristic of being battery powered and using PIR to detect motion. This isn’t a eufy problem, but a problem with this class of camera’s.

I have 3 battery powered cameras from that other brand and two of them are always connected to power simply so that i can get any all all notifications and video as early as possible.

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Gotcha, and thanks for the reply.

This is a bit disappointing but I’ll see what happens once the USB functionality is ready.

That’s a great idea, I’ll give it a try. Thanks!

I just want to be clear i don’t now if Eufy is setting anything up to allow a USB continious power on their cameras. That was just the solution the other company came up with.

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Got it. Thanks for the info :slight_smile:

Update about the “lag” in event captures…

I compared the video footage between the Eufy Security App and Apple’s HomeKit, with occasional big differences - Even with every setting maxed out to detect and record any/all motion (on both apps), it seems HomeKit is picking up and recording more accurately.

Example: walked out my garage, got into my car, then drove down the driveway. The 2C cam started recording and sent me a notification. I checked the Eufy app - recording starts at 2:01:53, and lasts for 15 seconds. In HomeKit - recording started 38 seconds sooner! and lasted all the way through.

That’s a massive difference! So I compared other footage and found similar results. This isn’t always the case, but it’s never been behind on any recordings. I also noticed in HomeKit, the playback time doesn’t match the watermarked time, and in the Eufy app I’m being shown some rounded time that also doesn’t match what’s on the watermark.

Not sure which app is doing a better job in terms of detection, but having access to both recordings of the same event is always much better than losing a major portion of the event.

Curious if others are having similar experiences?

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Not that this will help everyone but look at automation in app. If you have a camera that is more prime position to an early motion trigger use this as a kind of sensor. You can set an automation to start recording on other cameras so they capture footage based on earlier movement on one camera… Thought big warning due to as others have said. This will cause more recordings thus take up more battery and storage and if you set that camera to all alerts then you will possible get more false alerts.

Eg driveway camera detects movement so is set to trigger the front door and carport camera to record even if they did not detect motion. Shows in eufy app as a triggered linked event.

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I have noticed this too. I bought this primarily to view who is coming to my front door to drop or pick up packages (non contact for COVID). The problem is the event picks up a good 3-5 (sometimes more) seconds after someone has shown up to the door. This means I usually seem their backs as they leave. I’ve tried changing the sensitivity to the max and using the shortest intervals.
I’m going to assume this is a hardware issue to do with the speed of the cameras “turning on” to catch video

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I don’t think anyone is trying to detect video before motion is detected like how cell phones shoot a tiny video before pictures. We just want the video to start when motion is detected or the detection to be more accurate. I can pick up a car driving by my front door maybe 20 ft at the least sensitive, but I can’t catch the guy who parked in front and had enough time to walk up and ring the bell, instead I catch his back as he’s going back to the car


I wonder if anyone from Eufy might respond to this thread as I have only recently purchased a battery doorbell to replace a Ring one due to the greater resolution and can honestly say I wish I not done so as the delay instating recording is appalling and the audio lag is horrendous!!

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Hi Simon,

I also have the battery doorbell and took me a while to fine tune the settings. All in all I can say the settings are very good now. Maybe I can help you with your problem. Could you tell me more about your situation? Do you have a long path towards the road, what do you sensitivity settings, motion zone and recording quality look like? These are all factors that I tweaked for a better experience.

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