Delayed Event Recordings?

The doorbell is situated facing side on to a driveway that is about 20ft wide, the motion zone is set to cover the bottom 3/4 of the image to cut out trees and sky at the top, motion is set to ‘all motions’ as supposed to ‘human only’ and finally sensitivity is set to high. So in theory it is set to provide maximum sensitivity but still fails to activate when motion is within the parameters. I wish I had gone for the wired version as this apparently has a three second buffer so might catch the events I’m missing. Does anyone know if you hard wire the battery version does it behave the same as the wired only version? If not them a software update should be offered to allow this as they are useless otherwise.

Does the doorbell ‘look’ out onto any road? This may generate notifications that you don’t want.
So I read on some information page for battery powered cameras that when it receives much input (say: it detects motion a lot) it will decrease performance to save battery.
As you have set it to ‘all motion’ and the sensitivity is high, I’m curious what the power manager says. How many events did it get and on what time span?

Same discussion is going on in the community forum…
Hopefully it is possible to improve it.

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As of 11/28/2021, this issue HAS NOT been resolved. Thinking about returning mine…


Why is no one from eufy replying to this? what is the delay between the motion detection and camera activation?

If you read the posts earlier in this thread, the issue is explained. Its a limitation of the passive IR motion detection and using a battery camera. It’s a technical limitation that a software update won’t fix. If you need continuous recording and faster detection, you need to have a device that is powered 24/7 and recording all the time. Eufy battery cams won’t do this. Their powered cams will give you continuous recording and they use pixel based motion so they detect motion faster. You needd to get the right camera for the right job.

Really? detecting motion and activating a battery camera takes 10 secs? you are talking utter nonsense. Give me some actual statistics, how many seconds delay?

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This thing with a recording delay because it is wireless is BS. I bought 2 Ring wireless cameras at Home Depot, (each was 100 dollars), without doing any research and then found out there is a monthly fee. To avoid the fee, I just got eufyCam 2 Pro (with HomeBase 2), and placed both cameras next to Ring cameras to compare them before I return one set. And… I could not believe how much delay eufy cameras have!!! It is exactly what everyone describes it here. When I walk toward the camera, stop 10 feet away and turn back, all I get is my back recorded, where Ring cameras start recording as soon as it detects me at around 20 feet back. This is at night, I did not compare/test them during the day yet. One other thing I noticed, when I turned on “Status LED” in the app, the red LED would turn on when I got into camera view, but if I moved away from a camera view right away, it would not record anything. And yes, I did try all possible settings. Have I not had the wireless Ring cameras installed, I would have thought this is normal. Needless to say, I’m returning eufy cameras as I’ll never be happy with them.


I have recently purchased a eufy doorbell and am very disappointed, what is the point of having a device that doesn’t record the person approaching the house if they come and go to quickly? I have lots of footage of peoples backs!
I have also found that the device doesn’t connect to the Google home hub with video footage but advertises as compatible.
At this time I wouldn’t recommend anybody buying this as it is not fit for purpose.
This will be going in the bin or be replaced with equipment that fulfills my needs.

is there going to be an update from the clowns at Eufy or not? please everyone raise support tickets on this issue. Lets put some pressure on these fools.

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As of today, this is still an issue. Had my battery doorbell installed for two weeks now and it appears to be getting worse if that is possible. Initial install seemed to record normal enough but as of today, it is doing exactly what everyone here is stating. So basically it is just a $200 wireless doorbell with an occasional video of the person leaving the frame.

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This cameras are garbage and I think they work same as wyze,
And when you contact them with an issue they just tell you do this and do that,
They know you are going to get tired of being asking to many times for help until you give up,
By the time al what they going to say is your warranty is over and good bye.

Same issue here. My cam2 pro starts recording ridiculously late that it never gets actual important footage, just the useless aftermath of an event. Never had this problem with ring cameras! I am so disappointed. If fixing this issue means shorter battery life, then I’ll take it. I have no use for footage of a person’s back walking away after the deed is done.

I have a similar delay problem with my recently installed Eufy Wired 2k Doorbell. By the time I am alerted it is far too late to speak with a person at the front door. And this was the main reason for installing!

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A year later, same issue. I even bought two of the brand new S120 solar cameras thinking they’d surely fixed it by now. But no. Seems these cameras are only good for live viewing and capturing the back of burglars who’ve just robbed your house.

Yup, I agree. I was researching and it seems always first 3-5 sec their is a miss. It’s like someone it walking from Point A to Point D - initial A, B and C points are missed. D is what it captures and that’s toward ends.

I don’t see any support from Eufy on this.

All the battery cams use PIR detection to wake up the camera on motion. Then, they process the image to see if it meets criteria for notification. There isn’t any way to do it faster and still maintain battery life. Its a limitation of the PIR technology.

The powered cams don’t have this limitation and use pixel detection so there isn’t any delay.

Unfortunately the powered doorbell also has a delay. For instance, it only starts to record the postman when he’s on his way back. This also means any burglar can get to the door and cover the camera without being recorded. I’ve got the Euvy doorbell for over a year, but what a crap device.


I think you misunderstood my post. The powered devices I was referring to are the indoor cams and P&T cams. They all use pixel based detection, are powered 24/7, and don’t have a delay.

The doorbell cams still uses PIR detection whether powered or on battery, so they will always be delayed. Its a function of the detection technology.