Clear glass lens protector fallen out

Lens protector has come out and I have had to sellotape this into place so the camera doesn’t get wet. Contacted eufy and as it’s just outside the warranty they will not repair or replace, will just give me a small discount to replace it which I think is totally unacceptable as I haven’t got a spare £100.00 laying around at the moment. When asked if this should happen they said no it’s defect but still will not replace. Not happy when my whole home security system is with them and doesn’t seem as robust as they have made out!

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I have exactly the same issue!!

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Will they replace it? I have used gorilla glue on mine and it’s held it in place and is still useable but can see where it has been glued which is annoying!

I had the same problem where the glass fell out of my doorbell only that my glass fell on the sidewalk and broke. I contacted eufy asking for a replacement and they said I was out of the warranty range also. I told them I felt like they should stand behind there product and if they will not I would return all of the cameras, doorbells and base stations and replace them all with Ring. They replied with a small discount. I replied with that is unacceptable and I should have it replaced with a new one. They latter responded with an offer to ship me a refurbished one. I replied that a new one is the right thing to do here so they shipped me a new one. I hope my experience will help someone in the future.

Your very lucky , I had the same scenario however they refused to send me a new one, I will however forward this message on to show it’s happened after mine and has been replaced.

I have had exactly the same issue. We found the doorbell camera glass on the front step. My worry is that damp will now get in if it’s not sealed correctly. Reading the comments on here, it seems to be a common problem which doesn’t get much of a resolution from Eufy.

May I ask… which doorbell has this specific problem?

Same problem, exactly 1 month after warranty ran out, it seems to be made to fail after 2y?