[Check If You're the Event Winner] Share Your Videos and Be a Part of the eufy Highlight Reel!

:sunglasses:Attention All eufy Security Users!:sunglasses:

Check If You’re the Event Winner!

We are thrilled to introduce the eufy Highlight Reel, a curated collection of captivating videos that showcase the most amazing moments captured by our users.

We’ll regularly curate these exciting clips, create epic eufy Highlight Reel videos with awesome themes, and share them on the eufy platform for users to enjoy. Get ready for collections such as:

:clown_face:Embarrassing Moments Caught on Camera
:rofl:Laugh Out Loud Surveillance
:eyes:Inside the World of Thieves

But that’s not all–your videos go beyond entertainment,

  1. Your videos will give others valuable first-hand experience of eufy Security’s capabilities. This will provide opportunities for new users to see what eufy can do before they make a purchase.

  2. Your videos will be an educational resource, raising awareness and offering valuable tips to other users. Your videos can teach people how thieves operate, empowering them to be more vigilant and enhancing the overall security of the eufy community.

:person_tipping_hand:1) What You’ll Get:

  1. Win a FREE eufy Protection Plan: We’ll select outstanding videos, and each winner will receive a one-month FREE eufy Protection Plan Basic as a reward. If your video is chosen, we’ll contact you via community DM, and the final results will be announced in this post.

  2. You’ll Be eufy Famous: If your submission is selected, it will be showcased in the eufy Highlight Reel, making you eufy famous for your outstanding contribution to our community.

  3. Rewards and Exclusive Access: If your clip is featured in the eufy Highlight Reel, you’ll receive an invitation to join our eufy Discord group with great perks and exclusive access to product testing activities, along with other exciting privileges.

:person_raising_hand:2) Here’s How to Share:

  1. Capture an Amazing eufy Moment: Use your eufy cameras to record a remarkable, funny, or unexpected moment around your home. We love seeing genuine moments that show the real-life use of our products.

  2. Upload to Share: Share your eufy moment with us by uploading the video to YouTube and sharing the link in a reply. Feel free to include a brief description of the moment and what eufy devices were used to capture it.

*Please note that if you reply, submit, or upload images, text, or videos on this page, Eufy Security, as the event organizer, has the right to copy or redistribute the aforementioned images, text, or videos on its own operating or designated social media without affecting the legitimate rights of the user.

The video footage you have shared will only be used for a specific project or activity and will be limited to one-time use. We will not use your video for any other purposes or share it with any third parties. The video footage you have shared will retain your rights as the original creator, and we will not acquire ownership of it or transfer it to any other party. We will strictly protect your personal data. We will implement appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure the secure storage and transmission of the video. We will retain your video footage only for the necessary duration to complete the specific project or activity.

:point_right:Vote and comment below, share your captivating videos with other eufy users, become a part of eufy Hightlight Reel videos! :laughing:

:fireworks:What is your most memorable eufy moment captured by your cameras?(multiple options):stars:

  • Footage of a break-in or attempted burglary.
  • Wildlife in your yard or home.
  • Awkward moments such as a trip or fall.
  • Funny moments like front door Halloween scares.
  • Other.
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Love the idea


Captured a lovely video of my daughter chasing our border terrier puppy the other day.

Check out the clip… ⁠@eufy 10 month Border Terrier loves being chased. - YouTube


My @eufy_official s330 solar cam captured this collision. My neighbour was happy of the footage for insurance purposes.


:rofl: Need to post mine too


I wish you product is included dash cams for vehicles :grinning:

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I wish ANY of my cameras worked with the new software so I could actually use my system. 2 months now, too many issues to count. Junk system


Haha looking this uninvited guest! nice video :heart_eyes:

Haha nice one! That’s right, get scared by eufyCam’s light warning! :rofl:

Yes Sir! We will mark this request down

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Let’s do it! share your eufy moment with us!

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I have a great one but do not think I can show it until I ask my brother in law as it was of him

The Butt Thief. But he doesn’t notice the doorbell tell he leaves

This is my best one. My other cameras are roku. Sorry