Celebrate Laughter with #eufyMoments and win $1,000 in prizes 🥳

Hey eufy fans,

As eufy celebrates its 8th anniversary, we are filled with gratitude for your support and excited about the future. Let’s share the joy and laughter that binds the community.

Your moments contribute to a joyful tapestry that strengthens our connections. Participate in this joyous event as we celebrate our anniversary with shared smiles and laughter!

Introducing a special event exclusively for users of video doorbells and smart locks! As part of the eufy 8th Anniversary, we’re launching three exclusive ringtones. We strongly encourage users of video doorbells and smart locks to share their stories incorporating these ringtones for a chance to win an exciting prize.

:tada:Introducing #eufyMoments

#eufyMoments celebrates the laughter and joy captured on your eufy devices. As we mark our 8th anniversary, we invite you to share those light-hearted, funny moments you’ve captured. Whether it’s your pet’s quirky actions, family laughter, or any delightful surprises, every shared moment is a story that brings us closer. Let’s celebrate by spreading happiness and cherishing our connections.

:gift: Rewards Await

In making this celebration even more memorable, selected submissions will be featured on eufy’s official TikTok and YouTube channels. Winners will be chosen based on the total number of shares or likes.

:trophy: Top Prizes

  • Grand Prize: The entry with the highest amount of shares and likes will win their choice of 3 eufy products up to the value of $1,000.

  • Second Prize: Entries with the 2nd to 4th highest amounts of shares and likes will each win a eufy SoloCam S340.

:medal_sports:Special Prize

  • People whose ringtone moments are selected and published on eufy’s official TikTok and YouTube channels will receive an additional prize, a eufy canvas bag.

  • Please refer to further details regarding the More Introduction to Special Event below.

:heart: Participation Awards
Every participant will receive 50 eufyCredits, with a maximum of 150 eufyCredits available through this event.

:question:How to Participate

  1. Share any joyful moment captured on your eufy device.

  2. Upload your moments to this blog and complete the entry form.

  3. Follow @eufyoncam on TikTok and @eufy on YouTube for the official selection and sharing of your content.

Upload your moments here👉Let’s share joyful #eufyMoments🥳

:date: Important Dates

  • Event Begins: May 7th

  • Submission Period: May 7th - May 27th

  • Winners Announcement: Jun 2rd

:pushpin: Tips for Participants

  • Feature your unique doorbell ringtones and capture the amusing reactions they prompt.

  • Authenticity wins! Share genuine, joyful footage to embrace the celebration’s spirit.

  • Adhere to the Official Rules for a smooth participation experience.

More introduction to Special Event

Show off your exclusive doorbell chime during eufy 8th anniversary and capture the surprising moments!

We’ve released three special ringtones to express our heartfelt thanks to our loyal customers. Don’t miss out on the fun and give them a try now!

Available with select products, so be sure to check the notes for details.

How to Set Up the Special Ringtones
Activate the tones by quickly pressing the doorbell six times until you hear a unusual chime. This indicates the tone has been successfully changed. Turn it off using the same method.


  1. The special ringtones will be available from May 7th until July 7th.
  2. This ringtone event is exclusive to the UK, US, and Canada regions.
  3. Kindly be aware that activating the special ringtone feature will result in the automatic deactivation of the auto-reply function.
  4. Compatible devices include video doorbell E340, S330, and Video Smart Lock E330, S330.
    Manual updates are required to ensure compatibility. Check and push notifications on your device’s homepage and update to the latest firmware. Alternatively, you can perform updates directly on the device settings page.If you have any further questions or need assistance, feel free to ask!

For inquiries, contact us at eufymoments@eufy.com.
Looking forward to your joyful moments,

The eufy Team


Is the T8203 the same device as the S330 Doorbell?

No thanks your stuff is rubbish. And as soon as move house in the next few months, I’m putting the rest of your rubbish in the bin. That will be my Eufy moment!!


Interesting…I’ll have to check out these new ring tones!

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It seems to be good. I am enjoying the functions and clarity of the cameras.

Your a tool :joy: :sweat_smile: :rofl:

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Mine works perfectly so far

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I’ve been enjoying everything I have so far. Thank you

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Hi, just to clarify, S330 refers to the video doorbell S330 for T8213, not the Video Doorbell (Wired) S330. Therefore, they are not the same product. Sorry for any confusion this may have caused.

How can I install only 1 ring when somebody rings at the door

My favourite feature is when your not at home and someone rings the doorbell by the time you get the notification on your mobile they have gone. Such a great feature for missing deliveries and guests who now think you ignore them.

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It’s good for the money but I have shared a lot of input to you how do I receive any benefits for sharing with Eufy

Please explain your reasoning

I like to know in what way I van end when somebody passes the alarm go off, I Will only hear the alarm when somebody ring at my door!

I truly can depend on eufy. Never has gone down. Thankfully, I have not needed any footage if I did I know where to look!

I just got my cameras easy set up. Can’t wait to see how well it works. :smiley:

Hi, very new to Eufy, our doorbell and security cameras work perfectly at the moment. Very happy. Couple of things:
Bummer, just saw this competition, I had a very funny video of my son pulling faces in the camera but have deleted it. Lol
Also, when I set up my doorbell I didn’t think to add it to my home base. I’ve been trying to figure out how to do this and can’t. Can someone please help? :hugs:

Can I have you bin trash? One man’s trash is another’s man’s treasure.

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Can I have what you are throwing away? Please?

sooo sad! if you have funny video next time, feel free to send to eufymoments@eufy.com We looking forward to your submission!