Celebrate Laughter with #eufyMoments and win $1,000 in prizes 🥳

I think I have a great Eufy Moment recently captured on my Eufy Video Doorbell. I will try to upload it!

sure you can send to our email eufymoments@eufy.com or upload in the link below. Our campaign will end very soon on 5.27 but next campaign is coming, plz keep forward to that! https://gleam.io/miAoj/celebrate-laughter-and-joy-with-eufymoments-

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What was your experience to say rubbish? I’m on the fence about going back to the Amazon doorbell community.

I’ve had my ringer off but the notifications have been helpful to know what’s what with all the types of notifications these days

I went ahead and uploaded a video clip for the contest. I wasn’t able to upload any additional clips, even though the contest states that we are not limited to just one entry. So i went ahead and emailed them both to the Eufy Moments email.

Hope i have a chance of winning this contest. There is a great story behind the two clips i sent…crossing my fingers! :crossed_fingers:

:rofl: :joy: Hilarious! That’s gonna be a gr8 eufy moment!!!

Does anyone know where the Winners List is published? I feel like we’re always trying to find the results ourselves instead of them being posted for everyone.