Anything you want to ask our New Operating Manager - Yanyee

Hey eufyCam Fans,

I am introducing our new staff - Yanyee. Actually, she’s been here for a while as the Operating Manager. Anything you want to ask her, about the Security product, the brand and our company, just post it down below!


Nice to met you Yanyee.:+1:


@yanyee So nice to have a new staff member on board! Looking forward to seeing you around and keeping these forums in check… :v:t2:

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Hello Yanyee! Nice to meet you! I look forward to speaking with you in the future for any questions I have :slight_smile:

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Hello Yanyee :slight_smile:

Nice to meet you :hugs:
Love your jacket :ok_hand:t2:

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Nice to meet you!

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Welcome Abord, ok here a tech question.

First of all I love my new eufy Security Indoor Cam 2K Pan and Tilt. Thank you for bringing it to market with such a low price point. I have been recommending it all my family and friends. I love it.

I am a tech guru, have bought installed boat loads of cameras / dvrs/ nvrs over the years.

I have fast internet 200+ comcast, stable strong wifi 6 mesh network.

Has the speed or playback / latency been testing using a high end MicroSD card vs. cloud storage been done or tested? Also can I use both ? Cloud & Internal Storage. I’m looking forward to HomeKit however it seems more functions come from your App which is VERY IMPRESSIVE.

Does the camera support 256mb XD ?

Thanks Again

Hi :wave:

Any news when indoor cams + cam2 pro will be coming to UK?

So nearly two weeks ago miss ops manager , I had an assault take place outside my home by two people caught on CCTV - the file kept failing to download and needed support … no one answered in the UK phones — no ones answered my email promptly and @Mengdi also didn’t help with my issue … I had multiple chases by police for the footage - which I had to embarrassingly record from another phone to give them - support have now said they still haven’t heard back from their engineer to assist me - by which time the file will delete I’m sure !

Your team didn’t even have the courtesy to ask “oh I’m sorry are you ok after being assaulted !?”

Luckily the rouge sales persons who visited have been caught - your poor service and support could of lost be any type of conviction and that is not what I paid a lot of money for a system for !

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@Yanyee1 For Reference the forum on the above from @CCTV4.

Hi everyone, hope our efforts can help all eufy fans, by the way, popularize an essence post :grin:, all user guide posts are summarized here : :nerd_face:


I already reported it to CED team, they are still identifying the issue. Please give them more time.


When are smartthings and IFTTT integrations going to occur so that you are not forcing people to buy your products to have automations? For me to be automated I would have to have two door sensors etc for your system to be automated because I already had a security system. For people that just want to use your camera they are left out. If you have a good product why not stick with that and make it perfect. People are literally asking for one software upgrade. Oh and you previously had it on your boxes.


Hello @Yanyee1 Nice to meet you on this forum!
It’s good that eufy crew is growing and I see more presence now :+1:

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Hi, thank you for the feedback.Our technicians are evaluating the feature of IFTTT. If there is the latest news, we will tell you in eufy community or eufy security APP. If you have any usage problems, feel free to contact our customer team via :blush:


Hi, thanks for your comment! :smile:
Right, you can use cloud storage and local storage both, for event recording storage.
The full release of homekit for IndoorCam will be in mid-July, after the release, we will inform everyone on the community or app.Now, we are in beta testing period.
If you have any usage problems, feel free to contact our customer team via They can also give you more detailed answers.:grin:

Hello. I have 2 questions:

Will you be providing an API for integrations outside of the Eufy app and HK?

Will you be adding HomeKit support to the flood light cameras as well as wired doorbell camera?

Regarding question 1:API for integrations outside of the Eufy app and HK we do not support currently.
Question 2: Homekit needs to be certified before leaving the factory. Floodlight cameras and wired doorbell cameras currently do not support homekit. But our eufyCam2/2C and IndoorCam can support it.

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