HELP - attempted robbery

Not had cams long and all good but I have a 1 min clip catching two people with audio trying to break in - but I go to download and it just down loads a 1 sec still clip ? Why is this - I urgently need to download to the footage - tried on multiple devices

Thanks I’m on Apple but will check - have another clip from another camera that I just tested on myself and that worked ok :confused:

Have emailed support as noting I do for this particular clip works :frowning: @anker please assist

Out of curiosity have you tried sharing it to someone see if it gives you longer than a second?

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Yeah tried that too… it’s only downloading or sharing a 25kb file … which is far too small anyway … it’s really odd … I’ve gone out walked around and downloaded that all ok … just my luck that the vid of this happening isn’t working on download … but it will play back on app so something wrong somewhere

Apparently there should be a PC app this month according to this thread

Unfortunately still waiting on eufy appearance on PC.


Hope something’s quick the police need the clip

Your up to date on updates yeah? Both phone and app?

Edit: I only ask as for one reason or another my phone has stopped auto updating my apps.

My phone also stopped too for some odd reason but all up to date

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Does anyone else have access, can they extract the video?

Does the same on other devices too gonna be my luck I won’t get it to download ( but if it is ok playing back within app surely it must be saved successfully)

@AnkerSupport @Mengdi @eufy_official one for the Eufy team to jump on ASAP.

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In the meantime all I can suggest is to record the recording with a second device while it plays off your phone.

You still have the original and you then have something to hand to the police.

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Thanks :+1:hope for response soon

@AnkerSupport I really need help with this please urgently - I’m being chased for footage I cannot download and no one is answering phones

Not massively impressed with zero response on any contact channel ! @AnkerSupport I need help with this before the footage disappears from storage !

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Don’t hold your breath to long you might die before they respond and if they do it probably won’t be helpful


@CCTV4 I’m very sorry about what happened! Have you emailed support? Try the live chat in the app or try the forum Anker/Eufy is usually very bad at communication and I’m very sorry your having trouble reaching them. @Mengdi @eufy_official @AnkerSupport


Oh great :frowning: nothing back from anyone in support and live chat not online @AnkerSupport this is important and making me look a fool because can’t download original footage for a police officer