All cameras offline and unable to get them back

Installed Eufycam 2 pro + Eufycam video doorbell just over a week ago and all has been fine. At somepoint overnight it appears all cameras are offline. I rebooted the homebase and my router and tried resynching all cameras but no luck. Homebase has a solid blue light, so no problem there. The support chat system in the app was absolutely useless and the support phone number listed for UK was an invalid number!
Anyone know how to get it working again, or how to get some form of support for resolving this?
I’m just about ready to box it all up and ship back for a refund!


Finally got things working again. Had to do a factory reset of my Homebase 2 and then manually add every camera back again. Pretty worrying that I’ve had to do this within a week and a half of installing. If this happens again in the next couple of weeks I will definitely be returning which would be a shame because overall I do like the kit.
What was concerning is that I have anti-theft setup on my cameras, but the alarm didn’t go off when I unscrewed them, I’m assuming because it was offline. So not only is my home not secure, but anybody could just walk off with the cameras when they are offline!
I did manage to speak to someone in support who was pretty useless - I decided to just drop the call and figure it out myself.

I’ve been experiencing the same issues you have. Customer Support has passed me onto Technical Support (Still waiting for reply from them).

I have had mine since June, constantly going offline. However this time they disconnected which have not come on since Monday Afternoon and here is the kicker… Im working away till friday so have eyes on my property.

So basically im asking, has this fully fixed your system or have any gone offline again since resetting your HomeBase?

I reset my Homebase yesterday and got everything working again, then it all went offline again last night. Reset the Homebase again this morning and initially even after the reset none of my cameras would connect when adding as new devices. About an hour later I tried again and they all connected first time. It’s currently working again, but I do have a support ticket open and will see if they drop again tonight.

No car alarm on my car!

Have you got it set up via WiFi or Ethernet, as i have noticed. When i had mine set up through Ethernet they would re-connect eventually but since Eufy Support advised me to use WiFi, ive not had a re-connection since they went off.

Was told it takes 24-48 hours for a reply through email but if i didnt get a reply by then, to just request for a replacement HomeBase 2.

I’m sorry, what? You were recommended to use Wi-Fi over ethernet, essentially going to a less stable connection?
Did they explain why you had to?
Normally you should always prefer a wired (constant, stable) connection over wireless (I know it is ironic as it’s about wireless cameras lol).

Haha! Yeah, my head hurt after that recommendation! They said to do that for a better signal strength for cameras. As if its connected via Ethernet, one camera may just be too far away. Did it work… as I suspected, it made it worse. so obviously an issue with the actual HomeBase 2 unit.

Mad men, they are.

Sometimes I think they don’t explain exactly what to do when going wirelessly with the Homebase 2. Instead of just unplugging the Ethernet plugin where it sits and using the wireless at the same spot, I think they want you to move the Homebase 2 to a spot that’s closer in proximity to the cameras wirelessly.

Just set up my new wireless doorbell and homebase 2 today, and I’m facing these issues already. Does Eufy have a fix for this yet?? Am contemplating getting a refund.

Installed Eufycam 2 and Video doorbell and had the issue within the week. Thought it was my problem and reset the whole thing. Within another week all cameras went offline overnight.

Frustrated, contacted Eufy support who advised system reset. I know how to troubleshoot but my question to Eufy is what is the point of a security system if I have to manually reset it every time? What is point of security cameras when I’m away on a holiday if they keep going offline?

We’ve had the same problem. No recordings overnight. Shuts off at random times. Support no help. We’ll do what you did and hope it works. Thanks.

Having the same problems with mine, I’m on a deco mesh Wi-Fi everything works great for a day or a week then it all goes off again, I have my Homebase 2 in the middle of the house and have edge Wi-Fi satellites around the house and still having dropouts I’ve not bothered going to support as I don’t think they are able to help, this seems like an inherent problem with the radio gear on the devices themselves. It does feel like a decent system when it works. When I got mine earlier this year it worked for a couple of months and then started dropping out, now it’s every other day.

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Ditto…all of my cameras (5) are down at the moment. I am really thinking about sending them back.

I was having the same problem after the last firmware update. For all intents and purposes it seems to be a signal issue. I noticed that the cameras all had a really poor wifi connection. Thought it was the router but after someone on reddit clued me in that they only connect to the homebase, i realized none of them were listed on the router client list. I moved the homebase to a better location and the issue resolved, but it is a odd occurrence because they had worked fine since October with no other changes.

Please note that the issue I have with the cameras going offline is a not a WiFi issue. As someone pointed out above, the cameras connect to Homebase2 directly. Some observations:

  1. All of my cameras and video doorbell goes offline at the same time.
  2. My Homebase is almost next to the doorbell and one of my outdoor camera. They still go offline along with the others.
  3. Resetting, restarting or power cycling does not resolve the issue.
  4. Most of time the Homebase says there is a local memory issue. Attached image.