Wifi interference resolved

Been having intermittent issues with cameras at the front of the house but not at the back. After a fair bit of research and experimenting, found that my car alarm was interfering with the WIFI from the cameras. In summary, some car alarms use a signal around 2.4Ghz or so, and typically on channels 6 and 11. My router was set for a smart channel select and a few months ago settled on channel 6 (I presume to avoid interference with the new neighbour’s router). Since then the front cameras went off for long periods. Now I know what the problem is, I’ve set my router to use a fixed channel 13 and all is well again :slight_smile: Hope this helps anyone experiencing the same issues.


Er… you live somewhere other than North America, right? (Wifi on 2.4GHz Channel 13 is a no-no in MexUSCan.)

Yes I live in the UK.

@sacallaghan Just curious, what make/model car do have so I can bare this in mind if I come across the issue.

On a similar interference weirdness, my Roku 4K remote power button when pressed sends a short interference burst to a couple of night lights I have plugged in :rofl:

Great info mate, I’ve been troubleshooting connectivity issues on and off for the past couple of years and I think this has just solved the problem. Thanks

Toyota Prius 2008 model

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Interesting. Wonder if it’s due to car being electric and creating a bigger EM field. Thanks for replying.

Many thanks for putting this solution on here. I’d worked out the interference was caused by car when parked in certain position on drive but hadn’t a clue had to resolve. So far this has worked - so fingers crossed it stays resolved!

Unfortunately it’s not working again. The only channels to choose from are 1, 6 and 11. I don’t have 13. I’ll contact the internet provider to see if they can help with a solution The only other solution would be to move the car or the camera!