Alexa Notification Lag / Delay (Eufy Battery Doorbell with Echo show and Dot)

Hi all,

loving my Eufy batter doorbell, but after only being installed for a week, its now completely out of sync with Alexa. At first it was all working fine, but now Alexa tells me that someone is at the door around 8-10 mins after the doorbell was pushed.

I know I’m not the only person to have this issue as it seems to be all over the interest, but how can this be such a common problem / flaw in the design. I have removed the skill, then added it again but there is no difference.

If i cant get this to work, then the doorbell is pretty useless to me. Any help would be appriciated.



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I had the same issue & reached out to Amazon Alexa EufySecurity skill webpage.

Basically I had it fixed by disabling the EufySecurity skill in the Alexa app, leave a couple of minutes & then re-enabled & logged back into the Eufyskill to re-enable.

but here is the full reply Amazon Alexa EufySecurity skill webpage.

I’m sorry to know about the issue with “EufySecurity” on your Alexa device.

In this case, I’d request​ you to disable and re-enable the EufySecurity Smart Home skill in the Alexa app to resolve any intermittent issues.

In the Alexa app:

  1. Open “More” and select “Skills & Games.”
  2. Select “Your Skills.”
  3. Scroll through the list and tap the skill.
  4. Select “Disable Skill” and confirm on the next screen.
  5. Select “Enable.”
  6. After you enable the skill again, ( fixed for me at this point ) restart your Alexa device.
  7. After you restart your Alexa device, try to use the skill again.

​-- If the problem persists after re-enabling the home skill, try to remove your smart home device from Alexa and connect it again. To remove the device: In the Alexa app, open the left navigation panel, select “Smart Home” > " Devices" > “Forget All”, and then select “Forget” again.

– Make sure your Alexa device and the Alexa app are on the latest software version. To learn how to check and update the software on your Alexa device, go to To learn how to update the Alexa app, go to

If you’ve checked all these, follow these steps:

  1. Turn off your smart home devices and wait 15 seconds. After 15 seconds, turn on your smart home devices again.

  2. Say, “Discover my devices.”

  3. If Alexa didn’t find any devices, verify that your Alexa device is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your smart home devices. School or work Wi-Fi networks may have firewalls or similar security that prevent unrecognized devices from connecting.

Some smart home devices don’t support the 5 GHz Wi-Fi band connections. Check with your device manufacturer for more information. If you don’t know the Wi-Fi band, go to the router settings on your computer or ask your router manufacturer for assistance.

  1. Enable SSDP or UPnP on your router. This requires you to access your router settings on your computer. If you’re not sure how to access your router settings, contact your router manufacturer for assistance.

  2. If Alexa discovers your smart home devices, but doesn’t process your request, check that Alexa can understand the name of your devices. For example, if the group name is “b3dr00m light,” rename it to “Bedroom Light.” For best results, avoid adding special characters to the name and use names that have at least two to three syllables. If you named your devices using the manufacturer’s companion app, open that app on your mobile device and rename it there.

  3. Restart your Alexa device and smart home devices.

I also have this issue. Disabling and reenabling the skill seems to fix it for a bit then it gets out of sync again after a while. I also noticed when the clocks changed it was one hour out of sync.

Really quite annoying because works with alexa was one of the main reasons be bought this.

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Still a problem with the Eufy 2k Pro doorbell I just bought. 7 minutes between the doorbell press and Alexa responding.

I have this problem and it is now almost 2 years later since the last post for this so the issue is not fixed.The problem just started 2 days ago (02-Feb-24). I first linked the eufy skill in November 2023 and had no issues and all of a sudden it is out of sync.The echo dot only rings after 15-30mins after the doorbell has been pressed. I have tried the steps above to delink the skill, I have then waited a few hours and readded the skill but no change. I hae then reset my doorbell and my echo dot and still the same issue. Any other ideas what to do?

I’ve also started experiencing this issue after having a good year or so trouble-free.

I’ve tried removing the doorbell from my device list and re enabling the skill but the lag is still present, just slightly reduced by a few minutes.

I have a few dozen alexa connected devices so not really keen to forget all devices in order to triage.

Anyone resolved permanently?

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I have also started this issue from 02-02-2024, is there something special that happened on that date regarding Eufy/Alexa software? My doorbell was working fine until this and now notifications are delayed for about 30mins.

I disabled alexa skill, removed the doorbell and redone it but no luck. Waiting anxiously frome someone if they have found any fix.

Best regards

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Our Alexa has suddenly gone completely out of sync with the Eufy doorbell. It had been working fine for 18 months. 2 Feb 2024 is when the problem started. I don’t know if it’s an Echo update or Eufy update that’s triggered the issue. Disappointing.

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Same for me. First noticed it on 03-02-2024 but it may have started on 02-02-2024. What has changed?

I’m having same problems as well from the 02/02/24 worked for 2 years but lagging about 30 mins from action

Exactly the same for me. Started a few days ago - 30 minute delay in Alexa notifications. I notice that the Eufy Security app was updated on January 24th and the Alexa app on January 16th so it sounds like something between them has got screwed up . Have tried the usual fixes including full factory reset of the doorbell and base unit, removing the Eufy Skill from Alexa and deleted both Eufy devices from Alexa, then set it all up from scratch but still the same.

Does anyone from Eufy read these posts? I’m having exactly the same problem, worked great for 12 months then went haywire on 2nd Feb meaning Alexa dot notifications are 30 minutes late. I’ve tried all the suggested remedies but nothing works. Has anyone managed to fix this?

I am getting a delay of approx 2 hours between doorbell and notification to alexa. I dont think you can rely on eufy reading these posts. I think you are better off contacting eufy support via email or phone and then you can be sure of a direct answer. I sent email to them a few minutes ago.

Same here, only mine has a 2hour delay.

Same here since 2nd Feb mine decided to tell me at 1am someone at the door… 2 hr delay.

Clearly either an update applied by Eufy or my Amazon

Same here, been fine for a couple of years, then just two days ago went out of sync by about an hour or more after doorbell presses. I’ve disabled the skill for now to stop the phantom announcements to all my echos!

Reply from eufy support:
I understand that you’re experiencing a delay in receiving notifications from your eufy Doorbell to your Alexa device, while notifications to your iPhone are instant. This issue seems to have coincided with a recent firmware update, and you’ve already attempted some troubleshooting steps such as rebooting the chime unit and doorbell, as well as disconnecting and reconnecting the Alexa skill. Given that the notifications are working correctly on your iPhone, this suggests that the doorbell and eufySecurity system are functioning as expected. The delay appears to be specific to the interaction with Alexa. Since this issue has been reported by multiple users in the eufy community, it’s possible that there is a known issue with the integration following the firmware update. While I don’t have information on a specific fix, I recommend the following steps: 1. Ensure that both your eufySecurity app and Alexa app are updated to the latest versions. 2. Check if there are any new firmware updates available for your eufy Doorbell that might address this issue. 3. Review the settings within the Alexa app to ensure that there are no new configurations that could be causing the delay. 4. Since this seems to be a recent and common issue, monitor the eufy community and official announcements for any updates or fixes from eufy regarding this problem. If the issue persists and you believe it is related to a recent firmware update, it would be helpful to gather more details about the specific scenarios when the delay occurs. This information can be valuable for eufy’s technical team to identify and resolve the issue. Please provide the exact times when the delays occur, and any patterns you’ve noticed that could be relevant.

I seem to have a delay reporting to my iPhone and iPad. This has only started today (6 Feb 24).


Just wanted to let you know my issue has been resolved since yesterday. On the top of this I have received this email response from Eufy as well.

"Thank you for reaching out to us. Based on feedback from our backend engineering team, it appears that the issue with the Alexa chime delay was temporary and should now be resolved. Could you please try again and let us know if you’re still experiencing any delays with the Alexa chime?

We appreciate your patience and are here to assist you with any further concerns."

Best regards

All Echos are now responding correctly.