Your First Step to Front Door Security

Hey, eufy fans,

We are delighted to bring you our most affordable video doorbell ever! Introducing the all-new eufy Security 1080p Wired Video Doorbell.

Our budget-friendly doorbell allows you to interact with anyone who approaches your front door in real-time. It features:

  • 1080p grade video recording and streaming
  • On-device AI for human detection
  • Secure local storage
  • Activity zones to reduce false notifications
  • 2-way audio
  • Facial snapshot notifications

Add security to your front door at our lowest ever price! Use code DOOR1080 and save an additional $30 now.

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eufy Security team



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Interesting. I just purchased & installed the 2K wireless doorbell cam (which I love), and have it hard-wired into my pre-existing doorbell wires. Any chance we get HomeKit-compatibility to that one? This is the only cam, out of 7 total cams I own from Eufy which doesn’t feature HK support. In addition to the doorbell, I have 3 outdoor 2K cams & 3 indoor pan/scan 2K cams. Loving the ecosystem so far.


no HomeKit Secure Video? still waiting for a doorbell to support that so I can use the new feature in iOS 14


2-step authentication?

Good price yea

Nice deal for the budget friendly doorbell.
Glad to know you liked eufy security ecosystem so far @Msc186

I doubt your existing doorbell will get HomeKit, but it’s possible. @Yanyee1

We just received the 1080p doorbell this week, but was only offered the $20 coupon on Amazon. Is there anyway to do a price adjustment?
Also, our experience with it so far is intermittent detection of people on the porch,(consistency is mandatory or a security cam doorbell is useless) & also the field of view doesn’t allow to pan down to see front door mat,packages etc. These two issues are the major concerns so far. Have other issues as well,but these are most important.


This is all very nice, but when will we receive some coupons in (Amazon) Europe…

Is it available in Australia.
I am tried to buy on Australia, not allowing