You could do way better Eufy Security

Eufy Security you could do way better. I’m going to go on a rant here because I’m very fired up about some things. You may not realize this but you’re losing customers or potential buyers by doing or not doing some of the stuff below.

First off: Where the heck is 2 Factor Authentication in the Eufy Security app I can’t seem to find it. Oh wait IT’S NOT THERE. Are you serious?? No 2 Factor Authentication in a Security app. I thought our privacy was supposed to be protected… It is absolutely insane that we do not have 2 Factor Authentication in a Security app!

@AnkerSupport I already know what your gonna say “ For the 2 Factor Authentication feature, we will consider the possibility of future development.

You have our promise that our engineers would work day and night to improve this product and we are glad to have your support and understanding, which would be a huge encouragement for us to seeking continuous improvement.

Any other concerns we can address in the future, please feel free to contact us.”

You’re going to consider it?? Is that what I just read? How about “we will work on it immediately because we actually care about our customer’s privacy and don’t want to end up in the news as ring did regarding their cameras being hacked”

Second, where is the IFTTT support we were promised. IT SAYS IT’S A FEATURE ON SOME OF THE BOXES you guys send products out in! Why is that taking so long? I know it’s not because your busy working on 2 Factor Authentication. What takes so long to deliver IFTTT support? Why would you put it on your boxes and not support it? That’s really really stupid.

Third: I want to give credit to @User1477 who made a post talking about this. I am honestly wondering who’s big brain decided this was a good idea: New Color for Wireless Doorbell Why did you think it was smart to release a Video Doorbell in Black and then a few months later release it in black and white. I didn’t want the video doorbell in black. I bought one from a different company but, I WOULD HAVE WAITED if Eufy Security would have even told us that they were working on another color. Why not release them together though? Why wait and then decide to release it in a different color??

Next are some other things that should be or not be in the app.

  1. Button to activate all of your camera sirens.
    This would be very useful. If someone is on your property and you see them on one camera you could hit the button to blast a siren from all of your cameras. That’s basically a guarantee there gonna be running.
  2. Button to talk through all of your cameras.
    Why would you not have this? Someone is in your property you should definitely be able to yell through all of your cameras!
  3. Group live streaming. You should be able to watch all or some of your cameras at the same time. Eufy and Anker have commented on this before saying it would drain the battery. Should someone like to tell me how watching 4 of your cameras at the same time for 10 seconds is different from watching each individual camera for 10 seconds? I get that the longer you watch the more that battery drains. Why is that any different when watching multiple cameras at once than one camera?
    Edit: 4. While it’s definitely not the most important thing on this list I would like to mention that the pop-up ads in the app are really annoying! It is a Security App not a marketing app. Come on Eufy! Is it really necessary to have an “explore” page in the app??


You are failing on so many levels!! You must change some things or your going to lose more customers or potential buyers.

UPDATE: I received a response from Anker. This is what they said. ” Thank you so much for contacting eufy and letting us know your suggestion.

Yes, glad to let you know that we are working on 2 Factor Authentication. If everything goes well, it will be released within 2-3 months. Please stay tuned.

As for IFTTT, we mentioned it by mistake on the box of our original eufycam. We tried to make it before, but due to technology difficulties, I’m so sorry that it was delayed.

As for the color of doorbell, we didn’t plan to make other colors, but we heard that many customers want it, so we made it.

Thank you for your suggestions. I forwarded them to our engineers and ensure you that we will take them into consideration. Hope we can make them in the future.“

  1. Anker says that 2 Factor Authentication should be released within 2-3 months. Let’s hope this happens!

  2. Apparently IFTTT was out on the box by mistake. They didn’t say anything about when it might be released but I’m hoping they are working on it.

  3. They were not planning on making the video doorbell in a different color but because users requested it they made a new color.

Thank you Eufy/Anker for your response! I hope to see 2 Factor Authentication soon!


They don’t care. They’re here to make as many products as possible. Half baked, with ads. They have no desire to make things better.

They keep saying customer service is tops and valued. It’s just the company line. It only goes so far and after a while, it’s just bull.


I agree with all points made.

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@AbSoluTc this is exactly why I started this thread! I want to believe that they care about their customers. I want to believe that they want to make good products and software. But it really hard right now. It’s really sad to be honest. I was hoping to find a company who cares about their users and strives toward making good products and software. I wanted a company who listens to their customers. Eufy Security was supposed to be this company. But lately it’s not appearing that way. Users have been asking for some of the things I have mentioned and other things recently and Anker Support has basically said our products are not perfect and we strive to make things better. Hello??? How about actually do the things we ask for.

@Insider it’s really sad but it seems that Anker/Eufy Security doesn’t really care about us and are just trying to make money. I invested into this company under the assumption that they were going to live up to what they say. They are supposed to be a company who cares about their customers and strives toward making good products and software for their customers! If they really want to show that they could at least start by adding 2 Factor Authentication to the app. Maybe at least then we could take them seriously when the call themselves Eufy Security. To be honest I hate calling Eufy Security Eufy “Security” because they don’t even have 2 Factor Authentication which customers have been asking for for a long time.


And it gets worse… now the Doorbell is available without the HomeBase. Not only have they trickle released as additional colour, but now it’s available at £100 cheaper. I am absolutely fuming!


Let me just add. I had my system for a short time and have made other complaints like motion detector and notifications just stop working for no reasons. If you do a search you will find similar complaints dating back a year or more. I didn’t know I was buying a beta system. I thought this was a system that was already tested for problems before it was released. These complaints should be addressed immediately instead of continuing offering new and updated products I mean I like the ideal of silicone covers but who needs to buy these over priced items if they are not fixing current problems. It’s looking like they only care about making money.


This is absolutely ridiculous!! Now they add it as an add-on??? I am extremely mad about some of this stuff Eufy is doing. I’m glad there are other people who feel the same way I do. EUFY SECURITY YOU NEED TO FIX/STOP THIS STUFF. YOU NEED TO LISTEN TO YOUR USERS. OTHERWISE SOON YOU WONT HAVE ANY USERS.


What are you talking about… everything is fine here. :joy:

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This is why all my eufy stuff I just bought, are going back. Not going to be a beta tester for half baked products.


I have had my stuff for about 3 weeks. I’m starting to feel the pain. They will reply to you within 24 hours, but you won’t get squat done. So many little things and a few big things. As someone on here said. Just install a system yourself (Eufy) and you will easily find all the issues everyone is having.


Hello @jmiller148 you said it! Complain all you want to Eufy/Anker you won’t get anything more than “I’m sorry for the inconvenience I will forward this to the engineering team”. Does that happen? Probably not. If it does they don’t care. It seems more and more each day like they don’t care about their customers or what their customers want. They just want to make and sell products. But I would like to point out that good software and features is just as important as a good product. It’s really sad to see this happen. They are supposed to be a good company who strives towards making good products and features. They are supposed to care about their customers and make products and features that their customers ask for. Something as important as 2 Factor Authentication should have been in the app from the beginning but people are still asking for it and Eufy/Anker doesn’t seem to care.

I feel the hardware is good, but they need new “engineers”. I sent them a pic of my doorbell activity zones and telling them it pics up tires as facial recognition. I circled 3 other areas on my porch that was being picked up as faces. My ignore zone was to stop my neighbors tires from registering. They send me the attachedand told me to move my ignore zone. I told them they aren’t listening. I would need 3-4 more ignore zones to solve the issue.


@jmiller148 Unfortunately it looks like they just don’t really care. Good hardware terrible support.

15 posts and counting and still no personal message response from eufy support.

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How is this getting “worse”? The Add-On release is a direct result of Anker/Eufy listening to us. We had been asking them to make a version without HomeBase for months now. In February, they told us that the Add-On version would be released in the 2Q of 2020. And they released it just in time. This is a GREAT EXAMPLE of them listening to us.

Now, I agree that there are many things that Eufy can do better. But if you’re gonna accuse them of something, then you should get your facts straight.


Completely agree there are plenty of posts with people asking for this on the forum and Eufy have listened and decided to sell the doorbell without the homebase.

There are even posts thanking Eufy for listening to there customers as well.

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that is very surprising given : A Quick Update on Community Support

I only have my system since a few weeks but i am mostly satisfied, of course there is a lot of room for improvement but this is actually a good thing.
The fact that we are asking for improvement means that we collectively consider that what we have is worth building on.

At this time i have only a few requests :

  • better video quality for recordings, at the moment compression is so high it kills the interest of the full hd.
  • Keep the auto detection/recording when people a looking at the live view, this a major flaw for me.
  • have the ability to live view all cameras at the same time.
  • add a master alarm system that allows us to force recording on all cameras, trigger the alarme on all cameras, speak to all cameras. When an intruder is here you don’t have time to locate him before triggering the alarm. Plus given you probably rotate between your cameras you disable the auto detection/recording…
  • improve automation with new conditions and actions, but hey this is only a first version and we have to be patient.

I have to agree - I’m happy they’ve done what we asked for re add-on doorbell only, which I’ve been waiting for (and might still be for a while to become locally available…). Interesting comments nonetheless - how does the competition stack up?

Agree - I’d prefer to have more features that drain battery life - I know recording/diverting etc an intruder or similar in an incident is more important to me than taking a camera down to recharge a bit more often (bring on the solar panel adapter already)