Wireless doorbell to home base without wifi

Sorry for the newbie question but does the doorbell wireless connect straight to the home base or via my wifi.

I’d like to turn my wifi off at night but still the doorbell working to the home base (obviously not working to my phone )

If your doorbell normally talks to the homebase, then it does so on a proprietary communications protocol. Some doorbells, with internal storage, use native wifi without the homebase. Just depends on what model you have.

If you have your homebase talking to the internet via Ethernet connection to the router, you should be able to schedule your Wifi to turn off at night. If you plan on shutting down your router, then the doorbell - homebase link will still work, but you won’t be notifified of any events until you turn the router back on. This is because the Eufy app uses AWS services to authenticate and notify you of events.

Great thanks for the info!!