Wireless doorbell - option for record video on bell press only?

Does anyone know if there’s a setting for vid recording bell press events only, and not also having motion detect enabled? Seems like it’s all or nothing… (well, other than a notification on bell press).

I want to enable bell press vid recording for some periods (like the day), but full motion detect for others (eg night time). Otherwise in recording mode I get so much spam vids of coming and going past my front door…

I’ve had a search of the other threads but couldn’t find anything. thanks for any help.


wow thanks for the lightning fast reply. But can you then work that into a schedule? I dont think so? i.e. motion detect off in day and on at night? Seems like once you toggle MD off, that’s the base setting.

I think the motion detect option needs to be in the security mode, rather than the device setting.


Thanks. Though, as you say - sort of. You would still get a lot of unwanted recordings for e.g. day because you have to have MD detect on to select vid recording for a doorbell press… seems it would be a simple option to add record vid on press only!

thanks, but yeh that still wont get doorbell presses recorded and motion events not recorded (in the same security mode) … and yep they do keep detecting motion, as I found out when I set up an automation where the detecting camera had record off.

Just resurrecting this. I’m still hanging for this option.

Was looking at the automation tab on the app and saw that you can have button press as a trigger - but then the only record video options are on other cameras/devices.

I guess that’s the point of automation, but it must be pretty easy to implement a software solution that the doorbell records on a button press only (and not motion)! C’mon Eufy please!

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Hey gazing,
What happens if you disable the ‘Motion detection’ from the respective settings menu in the doorbell settings?

According to the Power Manager, the optimal battery life setting would suit your needs (no motion detection, only record when doorbell pressed).

Bump. How is record when pressed not an option???

We still waiting for a solution for this? I’m having the similar trouble. Press the button but no record of video. On optimal battery which should record it. But doesn’t. The doorbell event works as on the app but no video is recorded on the Homebase.
Anyone got a solution yet? Eufy? It was working for the last 12 months but it is not now for the last few weeks. Very annoying!

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I posted the same question more than a year ago, still no answer.

My conclusion is that this feature is not supported for the wireless model but Eufy won’t tell you.
Very disapointed in Eufy support, we will buy another doorbell that has this feature, easiest solution for us.

We did find a solution to this problem so the bell only records when the bell is pressed and doesn’t do as it has been reported several times not record anything. The only way we have managed to get it to work is the following sequence.

Keep on home mode in security tab

Notifications : turn off alerts for motion.

Go back to security tab and click on away.

turn off for motion detection in camers settings

Go back to security and change back to home setting.

Check again motion detection is turned off in camera settings.

For some reason this sequence ends up with motion detection off but with the video recording when the bell is pressed. I don’t know why but it does for me, and it’s the only solution I’ve found on here. I hope it works for other people too because now the bell records only as and when the bell is pressed. If you change the security away from home to away or any other, you will need to redo the sequence again.

I hope this helps.

Go into Power Manager and select Optimal Battery. This will automatically only record on button press and disable motion detection. I believe you can switch on motion detection based on a Schedule but haven’t tested that.

I use the record on button press and then use an automation to an external camera and motion sensor to catch anyone coming onto the porch. Has worked fine this way for almost 2 years and I don’t get video of the back of their heads.

I have got the doorbell since last year and this is one reason I’m not happy with it.

There is no option to enable recording when the door bell is pressed anywhere under the Security tab.

It just seemed that if I selected ‘optimal battery life’, it overide all the modes under Security tab to the ‘no-motions’ default.

If I left all these modes alone as ‘default’ as a result of setting to the optimal battery life. I find ‘Home’ mode doesn’t record the doorbell but ‘Away’ mode does. However, if I were to create a custom ‘Night’ mode and as soon as I ‘enable’ motion recording, the rest of the modes changed automatically! Therefore ‘recording’ for the doorbell is then disabled automatically!

There is no settings to re-enable to recording the doorbell unless you change the settings under Power Manager.

Absolutely useless if you can’t get it to work the way you wanted it.

It’s not easy to find! I have the app on my phone & this is how I did it.
Go into ‘Devices’ -it shows my camera for doorbell & under that my control box icon.
Looking at the camera picture, without touching anything yet, you’ll hopefully see some icons along the bottom, to indicate battery, Wi-Fi, no of recordings today (I presume) and then THREE DOTS. This is the bit you want!
Press the three dots, it’ll turn the camera display black, showing another two icons. Select the right hand one for ‘settings’. Now the doorbell settings appear, you can turn Motion Detection on/off here, as well doing other stuff I’ve not really looked in to.