Wireless doorbell chime

Hi guys, can I get a little help please…

I recently bought a wireless doorbell to go with my eufy floodlights (battery operated)

For some bizarre reason though, when going through the set up process to add the chime - it won’t find my WiFi network. If seems to find every other WiFi network on the street and my flood lights function without issue

I’ve tried turning the 5Hz off from my router so it’s exclusively 2.4Hz

I’ve gone through the set-up process dozens of times and still it never finds my WiFi network

Has anyone else come across this or have any suggestions please and I feel like I’m losing my mind with it!

Did you get the wireless doorbell that needs a homebase ( T8210)? If so, it doesn’t work on ordinary Wifi, but uses a proprietary protocol to reduce battery usage. In that case, you need a homebase 2 or take it back and get one that works with normal wifi.