Wired in 2k battery powered doorbell had turned off due to low battery?

I’ve had the doorbell for 2 weeks. When it arrived I charged it fully then realized I could wire it into my home with my current doorbell chime in the house and I loved the option. I also read in the manual it will also continually charge the battery so I don’t have to worry about battery consumption. Well they were wrong about that one because it’s now turned off due to low battery even though it’s wired into the home. Now idk what to do besides unplug it to start using the battery. Any suggestions or help you all could offer would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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I am having the same issue.

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I had the same issue. Apparently the doorbell wiring is only trickle charging, so it doesn’t ‘charge’ like a normal cable charger.

If you live on a road with moderate traffic and people walking, even if it doesn’t say its detected someone, it will drain the battery even though its hardwired. I’ve jusy resulted to charging the doorbell every two weeks.

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Even though you are hard wired, there are several things you can do to maintain battery life.

  1. Reduce the recording time by going into Power Manager and setting it for Customize Recording or Balance Surveillance. This is the largest battery saver.

  2. Reduce the sensitivity of the Motion Detection.

  3. Ensure that the doorbell transformer is large enough and that current isn’t limited by bad connections or additonal chimes.

When hooked to external AC, the doorbell only draws around 20 to 30 ma. unless the batteries are quite a bit undercharged. Once the doorbell is fully charged, the charge current will cycle to eliminate overcharging.

I would suggest using a multimeter to measure the AC current and voltage drawn by your doorbell to ensure that you have enough power to keep the doorbell charged.

My setup has been working wired for a year and half without ever needing to touch it.

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