Wired Dual Camera Doorbell not powering on after firmware update

After a couple of months of non-issues, my Dual-Camera 2K Doorbell (wired) is suddenly offline, and doesn’t seem to want to come back to life.

While the IR light (tiny red light) is lit, there is no light of any sort in the ring around the doorbell button. Both the doorbell and the transformer are getting proper power (~18v), and the wi-fi signal is extremely strong there at the front door when checking with my phone and a laptop both.

Looking at the events saved on my eufy app, it looks like the last time it worked was mid-day on October 18, which coincides with the last firmware that auto-updated on the doorbell. I’m led to believe that this firmware update has at least hung the doorbell, but I’ve no idea if it completely bricked it or not.

Any ideas on what to try next? (I do have a ticket in with cust support, but I figured I’d see if the hivemind had any ideas)

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