Wired Doorbell-visitors knock instead of ring

I’ve had the Eufy Video Doorbell installed for 2 months and almost no visitors press the doorbell button, instead they knock on the door lol. When I ask why, they all say the same thing, didn’t realize it was a doorbell. They thought it just was a security camera, which is ridiculous. I don’t know of any solution other than to put an ugly sticker of some kind on it. SMH. Any ideas?

Sorry no ideas, but I get the same with my video doorbell. Been installed a few months and rarely does anyone press it. Even the postman keeps eyeing it up lol.

Thanks for the reply. I did some Googling and found the issue is common across all brands of video doorbells. It would be great if Eufy added the word “doorbell” on the unit. It just says Eufy Security. However, I ordered a “Push” decal from Etsy. It’s on the way, hopefully it will help.

I even had one delivery driver pressing the camera lens! Mine now has a sticker “Bell” on the bottom of the doorbell unit.

I wish the blue ring round the button would be on permanent instead just on detection. My visitors come in an 90 angle and it takes some time before the doorbell light goes on. Posted the idea and hoping on an update

Did it help? When I ordered my decal there were two choices: :bell: or PUSH.
It just came today but I haven’t had a chance to apply it. $4 sticker on a $100 device. :exploding_head:

Good suggestion and thanks for submitting that idea. I’ve wondered if I was missing something on the device app settings to enable full-time LED but I guess its only motion activated. Also, my front door is north-facing, not sure how visible the blue ring really is in direct sunlight.

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